March 19, 2018

Can Kidney Function Restored After Dialysis? Karma Ayurveda – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

Kidney Function Restored
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Role of kidneys

The human kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that located in the lower body. They remove waste from the body, level out the blood pressure and keep the bones strong. They also ensure the right amount of chemicals, like potassium and sodium, in the blood. Finally, they make the hormone that causes the body to create red blood cells.

If the kidneys get damaged, the waste starts building up in the body and can lead to kidney failure. A proper treatment is needed on time to avoid failure of other organs. Can Kidney Function Restored After Dialysis.

Need for dialysis

If the kidneys aren’t working properly due to advanced chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, the kidneys may not be able to clean the blood properly. Waste products and fluid can build up to dangerous levels in the body.  Left untreated, this can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms and eventually be fatal. Dialysis filters the unwanted substances and fluids from the blood. . “Can Kidney Function Restored After Dialysis”.

Side-effects of dialysis

  • Fatigue, where you feel tired and exhausted all the time, is a common side effect in people who use either form of dialysis on a long-term basis
  • Low blood pressure (hypotension) is one of the most common side effects of hemodialysis. This can result due to the drop in fluid levels during dialysis. A low blood pressure can cause nausea and dizziness among patients
  • People receiving dialysis are at increased risk of developing sepsis (blood poisoning). This is where bacteria enter the body and spread through the blood, potentially leading to multiple organ failures
  • During dialysis, some people experience muscle cramps, usually in their lower legs. This is thought to be caused by the muscles reacting to the fluid loss that occurs during dialysis
  • Many people receiving dialysis experience itchy skin, caused by a build-up of minerals in the body between dialysis sessions

Can Kidney Function Restored After Dialysis.

Life after dialysis

Most people can remain on dialysis for many years, although the treatment can only partially compensate for the loss of kidney function and having kidneys that don’t work properly can place a significant strain on the body. Patients can die while on dialysis if they don’t have a kidney transplant, particularly elderly people and those with other health problems. Someone who starts dialysis in their late 20s can expect to live for up to 20 years or longer, but adults over 75 may only survive for two to three years. Can Kidney Function Restored After Dialysis.

How can Ayurveda help in restoring kidney function after dialysis?

Ayurveda is an ancient science of holistic healing of the body. The idea behind Ayurveda is that any part of the body can heal itself in time with the use of unrefined natural herbs. Karma Ayurveda is one of the most authentic clinics in Asia for Ayurvedic kidney treatment. The center started in 1937 and has become well-known in herbal kidney treatment. It is working under the guidance of an experienced Ayurveda physician Dr. Puneet Dhawan. He doesn’t support any allopathic treatment and only practice natural herbs for healing. They provide effective Ayurvedic medicines and a customized diet chart to his patients. A healthy lifestyle and Ayurveda can rejuvenate the damaged kidneys. “Can Kidney Function Restored After Dialysis”.

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