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Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for Albumin in urine

About Albumin in urine (Albuminuria)

Overview | Risk Factor | Causes | Diagnoses | Diet

Everyone has a little bit of protein in their urine, but a worrisome situation arises when the level of protein in the urine is extreme, making the urine foamy. Having bubbly urine is a sign that your kidneys are falling ill and need Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for albumin in the urine.

Albumin stays in your blood until the time the kidney function is actually proper. Had the time when the kidney function is compromised, this protein may escape through the filters and may skip through the urine. The presence of the albumin in the urine makes it looks like it has an egg in it. The loss of albumin through the urine causes the body sick as certain regulatory functions cannot be fulfilled when the blood does not have the albumin.

Protein carries out so many essential jobs in the body; these include:

  • Helping bones and muscles to build properly
  • Control the amount of fluid in the body
  • It works as a transporting agent to transmute the nutrients and hormones throughout the cells and tissues of the body
  • Losing albumin manifest in the form of swelling in the body

For the body to function at its best, the blood albumin level in the body should not reach low than 4.0 g/dl.

Healthy kidneys remove extra fluid and waste therein from the blood, but simultaneously let the proteins and other vital nutrients to bind in the blood. When the kidneys are not well, they work in the opposite of what they are intended to. They may allow the essential nutrients to skip through the damaged filters and nephrons.

Losing albumin through the urine is given a medical name called albuminuria (albumin in the urine). The condition is also called proteinuria sometimes. Proteinuria is a sign of some underlying kidney disease, and in some cases, it turns out to be Chronic kidney disease treatment in ayurveda if a right approach is not adopted such as Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for albumin in the urine.

Risk factors for Albuminuria

For any kidney disease, there are several factors responsible for the damage to the filters of the kidneys. When the nephrons and glomeruli do not work properly, waste may develop inside the bloodstream while the essential nutrients may skip through them. So, to look for the cause of kidney disease, it is necessary to find out the risk factors that can manifest albuminuria.

Of all such common factors, diabetes and blood pressure are the most debilitating ones. They tend to lower body function by injuring the bloodstream that reaches the kidneys. Since they impact kidneys slowly, there is no way diagnosing lower kidney function because of these factors.

  • Diabetes: High blood sugar level influences your kidney function and affects the blood circulation within the glomerulus. Diabetes can impact your glomeruli, a part of the filtering units of the kidneys. It is not possible to diagnose the signs of kidney disease arising because of diabetes until the years have passed.
  • High blood pressure: High blood pressure is commonly seen in those with compromised kidney function. It is a cause as well as a complication that affects the kidneys in several ways. When your kidneys are already ill, the fluid retention arising therein further spikes the blood pressure leading to renal failure.

The other conditions that can cause Albuminuria are:

  • Overconsumption of over the counter tablets
  • A sudden shock to the mind can result in obstructed blood flow to the kidneys
  • Several urinary system infections can also cause protein leakage
  • A family history of kidney disease
  • Pregnancy also increases the risk of developing proteinuria
  • Protein is also seen in the urine when a person urinates in a particular position
  • Multiple myelomas result in the production of proteins in the body
  • Temporary proteinuria persists after strenuous exercise

Ways to diagnose albuminuria

When the protein loss is low, there are no signs indicating such low kidney function. But as the condition is left untreated, it may become severe, and you notice foamy urine. To protect your kidneys from further damage, it is essential to connect with a healthcare provider who can suggest some ways to naturally get over the condition, such as Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for Albumin in the urine. But for several reasons, it is also important to take the help of some routine tests to check for the existence of albuminuria.

The tests that are normally conducted to check for proteinuria include:

  • Urine albumin to creatinine ratio
  • Blood test Globulins
  • Urine protein electrophoresis
  • Serum creatinine electrophoresis
  • A kidney biopsy

How can albumin in urine be reduced?

You can reduce the amount of albumin in the urine by working on the conditions that developed albuminuria, for instance, lowering blood pressure by cutting down excess sodium from the diet and restricting the use of table salt.

You can also work on your diet plan; for this, you can consult a renal dietician who can help prepare meals and tell you of the best diet for your falling health. The diet plan is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for Albumin in urine and a way to cure kidney problems.

The diet may help to:

A.) Lose weight and prevent a burden on the kidneys

Losing weight is necessary to stay functional and vitalize. Those with obesity have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or already have high blood pressure. Hence, make sure your weight is under control. Obesity can manifest various forms, such as heart failure and kidney failure.

Ways to cut down fat from the body

  • Boil, grill foods instead of deep-frying them
  • Limit saturated fats
  • Cook in a nonstick pan
  • Replace your cooking oil with olive oil (make sure you use only 1 tablespoon)
  • Do yoga instead of strenuous workout
  • Be physically active
  • Avoid eating street food

B.) Avoid foods rich in sodium

Sodium is a nutrient, the excess consumption of which is related to high blood pressure. And as a kidney patient, you should never forget the fact that high blood pressure can severely influence your kidney function. To make sure that your sodium consumption is not high, you can adopt the following measures:

  • Buy fresh food and cook it at home
  • Drop the idea of including too much salt in your diet until you get healthy once again
  • Use spices in place of salt
  • Avoid packaged foods
  • Rinse veggies and fruits to leach sodium

C.) Choose the best sources of protein

When your body consumes protein, they produce waste, which ought to be eliminated by the kidneys. Eating more protein means, the kidneys have to work hard to eliminate them. So, make sure the protein requirement of the body comes from low protein sources. For this you can:

  • Eat a small portion of protein foods
  • Ask your dietician about the best sources of protein. Most people eat animal and plant-based sources of protein both, and some choose a combination of both.
Animal-based protein
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
Plant-based protein
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Grains

For more information about the diet plan and Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for Albumin in urine, contact www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.

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