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Are Mangoes Good for Kidney patients?

We don’t know about you but we find mango the ultimate LIPSMACKING fruit. Did you ever have a fight with your siblings over mangoes? Or did you guys have a devour mango moment? There are so many mango moments from our childhood that can be discussed. But here we will be talking about are mangoes good for kidney patients.

What are mangoes?

To be honest, if you don’t know mangoes; you know nothing! Just for you GK; Mango is the king of fruits; it is the national fruit of India. And… it comes in more than 2000 varieties. Yes! You read that right. Some of them are Alphonso (haphoos), langda, dasheri, chaunsa, Badami, kesar, mulgoba, neelam, raspuri, himsagar, totapuri, etc.

Out of all the varieties; Alphonso is the most loved and costly mango. It is cultivated in the western parts of India. Though we have been taught that mango is yellow but that is so untrue. It comes in different sizes and colors; yellow, green, red, etc.

Are mangoes good for kidney patients?

The answer to your question is yes! And that is why exactly we are going to tell you about 5 Facts about mangoes!

It is often heard from peers or acquaintances that mango is not good for kidney patients. But we will give you 5 benefits of mangoes for the kidney patients.

But first, let us tell you a brief about the kidneys and its functioning.

What are kidneys?

Kidneys are the bean-shaped organs with a height of 5 inches (approx.) located at your lower back underneath your upper abdominal area.

What are the functions of the kidneys and why are they so important?

Kidneys are an important part of the human body. You can indeed live by relying on one kidney but that will only increase the pressure of performing its responsibilities. Kidneys filter the wastes and toxins from the body and balance the fluids. That is why they are counted as important body parts/organs.

What are Kidney diseases?

Following are the types of kidney diseases:

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease: Inherited from your biological parent or both the parents.
  • Acute Kidney Injury: When the kidneys are unable to filter the waste from the body; is known as Acute Kidney Disease (AKD).
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the condition of kidneys when your kidneys stop their functioning all of sudden; the reason being unattended kidney disease from the past.
  • High Creatinine level: It is the most common condition which is taking you a step closer to kidney failure. High creatinine levels are a clear indication that your kidneys are not working properly.
How are mangoes good for kidney patients?

Mangoes are a good source of potassium, citrate, iron and vitamin C. These nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of kidneys. According to the Iowa Department of Public Health states that mangoes contain the greatest amount of beta-carotene, which is known to protect the body from numerous diseases. Mangoes contain 20 different types of minerals and other nutrients that work well for your body.

Following are the

5 Amazing facts about mangoes!

Fact #1: Prevents Kidney Stones!

Oh yes! It is 100% authentic and scientifically proven that mangoes prevent kidney stones. Mangoes contain citrate which is known for removing the kidney stones. So, mangoes are good for kidney patients.

Fact #2: Help the kidneys in removing toxins!

Mangoes; especially the raw mangoes are rich with anti-oxidant components that help the kidneys to remove the toxins from the body.

Fact #3: It helps to regulate blood pressure!

Mangoes contain a high amount of potassium which helps the kidneys in controlling the blood flow coming from arteries and veins.

Fact #4: It helps in preventing infections!

Mangoes are a good source of anti-oxidant components that helps in curing the skin infections and the damaged tissues of kidneys.

Fact #5: It is a proven acidity regulator!

It is rarely known that mangoes are the best acidity regulators. They help in better digestion and prevent constipation.

Mangoes are rich in potassium, vitamin C, iron, anti-oxidant components and other 16 more nutrients which help in keeping the kidneys healthy. It is so strange that people are spreading rumors about mangoes being the harmful fruit for kidneys.

Since childhood, our mothers and grandmothers have told us the numerous benefits of mangoes. They are good for kidney patients, maintaining the heart-health, skin, cosmetically beneficial, etc. Hence, mangoes are good for kidney patients.

Other than the aforesaid benefits; mangoes are considered as the boons sent straight from the almighty to us to help us heal in so many ways.

  • It helps in boosting immunity
  • It prevents constipation
  • It helps in keeping the skin hydrated
  • It boosts up the blood flow
  • It prevents from Anemia
  • It helps in healing the skin infections

Karma Ayurveda has been assisting kidney patients since 1937. With over 35000 successful results; It’s raging popularity is evident. Karma Ayurveda is providing services under the guidance of Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is the fifth successor of the Dhawan dynasty. He believes that any disease can be cured with Ayurveda. All you need to make dietary changes and lifestyle changes.

Ayurvedic science has been practiced in ancient times. Ayurveda hails its roots from the Indian subcontinent.

Ayurveda is all about following these three rules:

  • Dincharya
  • Ritucharya; and
  • Sadvritta

It is a proven method to cure various Kidney diseases with just a few herbs and dietary & lifestyle changes.

Another question which we think is relatable to Chronic Kidney Patients is: “Are mangoes good for chronic kidney patients?”

Chronic kidney disease is a condition that has developed in your body for over some time by which your kidneys have stopped working all of a sudden.

Mangoes for a CKD patient are not considered as a good fruit to be eaten. Mangoes are rich in potassium which is not good for a CKD patient.

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