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Ayurveda specialist doctor for kidney disease in Punjab

Chronic kidney disease refers to the moderate loss in the efficiency of kidneys that gets worse with time. When kidneys become unhealthy, hazardous levels of fluid may accumulate inside the blood making it unfit to perform any supportive functions. At that stage, the patient should address to Ayurveda specialist doctor for kidney disease in Punjab and get kidney disease diagnosed.

What causes kidney disease?

Kidney diseases are caused by the constraints that injure the filtering unit of the kidney. The filtering units, glomeruli are responsible for sieving out waste from the blood in the form of urine. When glomeruli become diseased, the toxins start to accumulate inside the bloodstream.  The conditions that affect the health of the kidney:

  • Diabetes: In most of the cases, type1 and type2 diabetes have been observed as the leading cause of kidney damage.
  • High blood pressure: The blood pressure is the rate of flow of the blood in the vessels. High blood pressure means heart is working hard to transmute the blood. Ayurveda specialist doctor for kidney disease in Punjab will customize medicines based on the cause of kidney disease.
  • A family history of kidney disease: Kidney disease is mostly not genetic but polycystic kidney disease is one kidney disease that is affected by the presence of mutation genes in the body.
  • Age over 60 or more: As you age, the body mechanism starts to slow down. Cardiovascular and kidney chronic kidney disease are more at risk with an increasing age.

What are the stages of kidney disease?

Kidney disease is the last stage of kidney disease when GFR drops down to 15 or less. At that point, kidneys fail to work at all. CKD is all about the 5 stages of kidney damage. These are:

  • Stage 1: GFR more than 90
  • Stage 2: GFR between 60 and 89
  • Stage 3: GFR between 30 and 59
  • Stage 4: GFR between 15 and 30
  • Stage 5: GFR less than 15

Talk to your Ayurveda specialist doctor for kidney disease in Punjab and know which stage of kidney disease you are in and take preventive steps accordingly.

Treatment for kidney failure

When you have kidney failure, the doctors suggest dialysis and transplant to manage life. However, the two surgical methods are not fully reliable for the patients as they both cause various complications in the body.

Here are six important facts to know about dialysis and transplant:

  • Dialysis increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Both dialysis and transplant have some positive as well as negative effects
  • Even if you are on dialysis, you still can take kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda
  • After a kidney transplant, patients need to follow a strict medication regimen to make the body adaptable to the new organ.
  • A kidney transplant from living donors has a high success rate than from deceased donors
  • As soon as you leave dialysis, you will notice symptoms appearing in the body again.

Ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure

Ayurvedic treatment is another approach to dialysis and transplant when your kidneys stop working at all. The ayurvedic medicines can be taken at every stage of kidney disease, even if you are already on dialysis. The herbal extracts let the patients improve overall well-being by working on the damaged cells and tissues.

Karma Ayurveda and Dr. Puneet Dhawan, a kidney specialist

Since 1937, Karmaayurvedahospital.com has been offering ayurvedic medicines to restore the health of the kidney with herbal extracts from nature. Thousands of patients have been saved with ayurvedic medicines and renal diet plan by Dr. Puneet Dhawan Kidney Specialist. The Ayurveda specialist doctor for kidney disease in Punjab prepares medicines keeping in mind the guidelines of Ayurveda, hence are safe to consume!

If you or anyone in your family needs ayurvedic kidney medicines to maintain the health of the kidney, then contact us!

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