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Ayurvedic Doctors for Kidney Failure Treatment in Richmond, Virginia | Karma Ayurveda Hospital

The kidney is the most important organ in our body, performing vital functions. The major functions of Kidneys are:

  • Removes waste and extra fluid: The kidneys act like filtering and removing waste and extra fluid from the body. The kidneys filter each day about 200 quarts of blood, making 1-2 quarts of urine. Thus the kidneys help maintain good health by preventing the buildup of waste and fluids.
  • Controls Blood Pressure: Kidneys need pressure to function properly. It balances the pressure requirement by controlling fluid levels and making those hormones that constrict blood vessels.
  • Make Red Blood Cells: A hormone is produced by Kidneys, called erythropoietin. It intimates bone marrow to produce red blood cells, and thus all bodily functions are carried on directly or indirectly through kidneys. Ayurvedic Doctors for Kidney Failure Treatment in Richmond, Virginia
  • Keeps bone healthy: Kidneys are responsible for producing the active form of vitamin D, to absorb phosphorous and calcium, that are important minerals for making bones strong. The kidneys also balance the required calcium and phosphorous levels in the body.
  • Controls pH levels: pH is a measure of acid and base. Healthy balances of chemicals are maintained by kidneys that help control acid levels. Cells break down forming acids. Foods that you eat can either increase or decrease the number of acids in the body and the kidneys balance the pH of the body either by removing or adjusting those acids.

Kidney failure is a condition when the kidneys lose the ability to filter and hence dangerous levels of wastes get accumulated and blood’s chemical makeup goes out of balance. Some of the symptoms of kidney failure are: Nausea, weakness, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, fluid retention that causes swelling in legs, ankles or feet, decreased urine output, chest pain or pressure, seizures or coma in severe cases.

Get your kidney tested, the moment you see any symptoms of kidney failure or keep a regular check on your kidney functions if you have any of the associated health risks that damages kidney functions like diabetes, high blood pressure, Obesity, and any family history of kidney disease.

Ayurvedic Kidney Treatments are believed to be one of the best amongst all other healthcare disciplines. Since Ayurveda works on providing overall treatment, taking into consideration all the aspects of bodily improvements (mind, body, and soul), and the results of Ayurvedic Doctors for Kidney Failure Treatment in Richmond, Virginia are outstanding and permanent.

Ayurvedic Doctors for Kidney Failure Treatment in Richmond, Virginia

Karma Ayurveda, under the supervision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan, has helped treat thousands of patients with any type or stage of kidney disease. Karma Ayurveda is one of the best Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment centers, that has even helped patients with excessive creatinine and blood urea levels to completely heal and normalize kidney functions without dialysis. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is an eminent doctor in the direction of providing Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment without dialysis or transplantation. Ayurvedic Doctors for Kidney Failure Treatment in Richmond, Virginia


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