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Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Andhra Pradesh

Kidneys are the essential organ in the human body. The excess fluid and waste are filtered out from the body by the kidneys. They also perform important functions such as getting rid of the drugs, regulating chemicals, pollutants, and water in the body and discharging hormones into the body. Any dysfunction leads to the gathering of toxins, and the damage of kidneys leads to kidney failure. An Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Hospital in Andhra Pradesh can treat the kidneys from any further damage.

Signs and symptoms of Kidney disease

In the later stages of kidney disease the signs which can be seen in patients are:
• Shortness of breath
• Back and joint pain
• Change in urine color
• Swelling in the legs, face, and hands
• Abnormal weight loss or weight gain

What are the functions that Kidneys perform?

The normal functioning of the kidneys cater all the needs of body and health. The functions that Kidneys carry are:
• Urine Formation
• Electrolyte balance maintenance
• Secreting hormones like rennin

The kidneys play a major role in keeping the healthy environment of a human body. Any impairment caused to the kidneys creates destruction in the body. This impaired condition is known as “kidney disease”. The provocation of kidney disease results in the rise of harmful wastes and toxins in the body that disturbs the normal metabolism of the body.

To keep the kidney patients away from all risk factors, Karma Ayurveda is providing Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda since 1937. Karma Ayurveda is one of the finest wholesome wellness centers in India and is putting right efforts to save the kidney patients from some complications. There are many kidney patients who are searching for Ayurvedic Kidney treatment and have got the right guidance from Karma Ayurveda. Karma Ayurveda had provided life to more than 35000 kidney patients and is expected to serve more in a similar manner. It has been providing the completely natural and organic treatment to the kidney patients. It was recognized by Dhawan family and now successfully working under Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan is a well experienced Ayurveda physician who is having a lot of experience in this niche. The complete treatment process has organic ingredients and is 100% herbal and also has no side-effects on the body. Karma Ayurveda has a family of more than thousands of cured patients all around the world.

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