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Where to go for Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Mumbai?

Mumbai is a densely populated city on India’s west seashore. A business center, it is India’s largest city, and it is also popular because of the Bollywood film industry. Mumbai city is also famous for water contamination. The people living in Mumbai have kidney problems due to water contamination issues which primarily occur during monsoon, which is the reason why there is a lot of Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Mumbai. The rising levels of water contamination, 5 out of every 10 respondents surveyed had someone in their family and friends suffering from kidney problems.

The Mumbai people are drinking dirty water, which is why nearly 83 percent of diseases in the city being waterborne and kidney diseases counted as the dangerous one. The life-threatening waterborne diseases like cholera, jaundice, typhoid, diarrhea as well as common cold, cough, and fever can create kidney failure. When the water you are drinking is not completely clean, it can harm your liver and kidneys. Ayurveda describes many herbal treatments for kidney failure. Although there is no permanent treatment in allopathic science other than dialysis and kidney transplant. Let’s see how Ayurveda can help you to stay safe from kidney failure.

  1. Punarnava called Boerhavia Diffusa – The Mumbai people are suffering from water contamination. It is the cause of urine problems, and this herb will help to boost balanced fluid levels in the cells to assist in healthy urine flow. Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, it is considered beneficial for treating kidney failure. The people who are facing kidney related problems are taking treatment from an Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Mumbai.
  2. Kaasni the herb is also known as Cichorium Intybus – This is the best antidote to heal all kinds of kidney diseases. Due to waterborne problems, the Mumbai people may be suffering from constipation, bad respiratory system, etc. This herb is also recommended to heal your respiratory system, increases hemoglobin, a rich source of vitamin A and improves eyesight.
  3. Varun which you can call Crataeva Nurvala – This herb is powerful in the treatment of chronic migraines, kidney stones, intestinal worms, intestinal bleeding, and the other diseases which can cause kidney failure. In ayurvedic kidney treatment, Varun herb can deactivate the enzyme glycolate oxidase and diminishes the body’s construction of oxalate, which (merging with calcium) creates kidney stones.
  4. Gokshur known as Tribulus Terrestris – This herb will provide exceptional aid from all kinds of urinary problems associated with kidney failure. It also improves immunity power, cures renal infections and chronic urinary discharges.
  5. Palaash was known as Butea Monosperma – This ayurvedic herb boosts low liver function, which can be the cause for kidney failure. This herb is very helpful in successfully healing diarrhea, cold, dysentery, and sore throat. There are many people who go to Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Mumbai to buy this herb as it helps them to control diabetes by reducing blood sugar. High diabetes is one of the symptoms of kidney disorders.
  6. Rakt Chandan also names as Pterocarpus Santalinus – This herb gives aid from several kinds of dangerous infections like heals wounds and stops bleeding which is why it is useful for people suffering from kidney failure. The people who are undergoing through Kidney treatment in Ayurveda may know that this herb counted as one of the best to cure kidney failure.

In Ayurveda, the treatment for kidney failure and kidney diseases all depends on natural herbs as they believe in nature more than artificial medicines. That is the reason why people do not choose allopathic treatment but, they choose Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Mumbai so, that they can get aid from kidney problems caused by water contamination.

Karma Ayurveda had been serving the kidney patients from since 1937, and still, they are very well known for their successful treatments to resolve kidney problems. If you have been experiencing kidney related issues, then concern to Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda. Feel healthy, and feel free both are the two main things which can provide you with happiness and pleasure.

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