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What are the different types of kidney disease?

Kidney disease is a nonbenign condition that stimulates the kidney and prohibits them from performing a regular function. The kidneys are crucial for our well-being for the varied functions they perform for us. Imagine having threatening levels of toxins within the blood and not having filters to separate them from the blood. This is going to be too tragedic for our health, moreover unhealthy kidneys mean no urine production.  So, taking the utmost care of this pair of the organ is very necessary if ever we want to remain healthy.

Amongst the various functions of kidneys, the most profound ones are:

  • Maintaining a healthy balance of blood pressure, by regulating the fluid level.
  • Helping the body gets enough hormones.
  • Producing urine.
  • Pulling out excess of electrolytes and minerals present in the blood.
  • And the thinnest one; they help the body activate vitamin D.

When any kidney disease develops, all such functions of the body are hard to be executed and it is termed end-stage renal disease if no treatment is taken meanwhile. In this absurd time, one should consult ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, or wherever you are living. Only an ayurvedic treatment can push back the complications developed during kidney disease.

Types of kidney disease

Kidney diseases are classified based on how the disease is developing in the body and the root cause. Apparently, there are only two types of kidney disease, namely:

Let us discuss each of these precisely.

Acute kidney injury or acute kidney injury is a sudden change in kidney function. It happens within a matter of days and is usually for the short term. Once you take kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda, you get better as earlier. However, untreated AKI can also augment the risk of CKD.

Acute kidney injury happens in those who are already taking medications for other reasons. Dietary changes and ayurvedic treatment helps to get better with AKI in no time.

The main causes are:

  • damage to the kidney tissue by a number of reasons
  • obstruction to urine leaving the kidney
  • Loss of blood flow in the veins in or around the kidneys

Chronic kidney disease

Unlike AKI, CKD is a grave condition, usually life-threatening. The conditions that sabotage the kidney function do not develop all by at the same time but take years to hop kidney dysfunctionality. Until you get it treated, there is no way you can plunge off its complications. So, taking assistance from ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Bhubaneswar, Odisha is necessary.

The following can be the possible causes of kidney disease:

Treating these causes is the only thing you can do to lessen the severe effects of kidney disease. If you have any kidney disease, let us know, we will help you with the kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda.

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