Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Hospital in Rajasthan, India

Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Rajasthan, India is very famous because of its health benefits. Everyone is familiar with the terms and conditions of taking kidney treatment naturally in Ayurveda. For instance, if you are a kidney patient and for that, you are taking Ayurvedic medications. You should keep the following points in your mind.

  1. A customized diet plan should be followed.
  2. The medications should be consumed on time.
  3. An Ayurvedic lifestyle is vital to be implemented.
  4. Yoga and meditation are necessary to detox the organs, cleanse the blood, and maintain the health of the mind.
  5. Consumption of any painkillers or artificial drugs is restricted.
  6. Do not quit the treatment in the middle that can augment the number of problems for the kidneys.

This is the list of six points that are significant to follow by a kidney disease survivor who is taking Ayurvedic treatment.

The renal system that is normally called the kidneys is a very significant organ of the human anatomy. Their jobs consist of many functions that play an important role in sustaining a healthy body.

Moving on to the main topic, Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital in Rajasthan, India. Given below is a striking story about a renal disease patient, who is a native of Udaipur, Rajasthan. He took treatment at Karma Ayurveda Hospital and got relieved from his kidney ailment. Dr. Puneet Dhawan not only healed the diseased kidney of the patient but also cured his chronic cough.

Let’s take a look at the story of Mr. Mahindra Puri Goswami’s son has visited Karma Ayurveda Hospital to consulted Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Before consulting for Ayurvedic treatment, the patient had tried all the medical methods that are available in the market. Therefore, he got no attention and treatment. In the meantime, the son of the patient got to know about kidney treatment naturally in Ayurveda. Unfortunately, people considered Ayurveda as an alternative to allopathy. They try their luck in Ayurveda when they didn’t get any positive response from allopathic treatment.

When Mr. Goswami started taking treatment in Ayurveda, his serum creatinine level was 7.26mg/dL. At that time, allopathic doctors suggested the patient that dialysis is the best of the bests option for him. Therefore, dialysis is not a treatment, it is a technique to cleanse accumulated waste from your body that the kidney is not potent enough to do.

So, the son of Mr. Goswami communicates with lots of people who were on dialysis. He got to know that dialysis is a convoluted process that is not healthy for anyone. There is no role of dialysis in the treatment of a diseased or failed kidney.

In the meantime, the son of Mr. Goswami saw the testimonial videos that are uploaded on the YouTube channel, Karma Ayurveda. After analyzing the merits and demerits of taking kidney treatment naturally in Ayurveda, he visited Karma Ayurveda Hospital the ailment also terminated.

You may not believe that with the help of Ayurvedic medications, the serum creatinine level of the patient came down to 6.9mg/dL. He got relieved from the uremic symptoms and complications that occurred due to a diseased kidney. On the same side, his chronic cough was also terminated.

Now, the patient’s kidney is rejuvenated enough to purify the blood, cleanse the waste, produce hormones, or other vital work to perform.

Yes, the myths you have heard about Ayurvedic kidney treatment hospitals in Rajasthan, India are not true. They are the assumptions of those people who never tried Ayurveda. During this COVID 19 pandemic, we all are somewhere trying to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. A huge amount of the population is sharing or posting about the Ayurvedic herbs plus remedies that help to beat COVID 19.


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Spread awareness about Ayurveda, so people will know what they do to treat their kidney ailments and to stop kidney dialysis.

Disclaimer:- The purpose of the content on this page is not to substitute any professional medical advice but to only provide information to the reader. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For appointments, call at our 24×7 helpline: +91-9871712050 or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com