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Ayurvedic kidney treatment in the United Arab Emirates

Kidney failure is the severe health condition in which your kidneys completely lose their ability to filter waste materials and toxics materials from your blood. When they stop working many health-related problems occur that indicate the need for appropriate treatment to your body. Kidneys functions include removing waste materials from your kidneys that gets passes through urine from your body. Your kidneys are also responsible for ensuring the good health and muscle of your body.

If your kidneys are not able to perform their functions then your body may overload from toxins materials that can lead to kidney failure in further stages if it left untreated. This situation can prove to be life-threatening for you. Now, kidney disease and kidney failure are most common all over the world but there are many kidney patients from the United Arab Emirates who enquired about Ayurvedic kidney treatment in the United Arab Emirates. Why people of United Arab Emirates suffer from kidney disease? Experts suggest kidney Ayurvedic treatment to kidney failure patients due to its positive impact on your body. United Arab Emirates food culture can be a cause of kidney disease generally non-vegetarian as red meat can hike creatinine levels in your body.

Cause of kidney failure

Many factors can interfere with your kidneys’ health as well as their functionality that is as follows:

  • Loss of blood flow to the kidneys that can be caused due to heart disorder or severe dehydration.
  • Urine elimination problems due to kidney stones and other urinary tract problems.
  • Blood clot in your kidneys
  • Severe infection that is present in your body for a long time
  • Over-consumption of alcohol and illegal drug abuse
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • A cancer of the plasma cells
  • Chemotherapy drugs that treat cancer can be harmful to other parts of your body ads well
  • Some autoimmune diseases like IgA nephropathy
  • Dyes used in imaging tests like CT scan
  • Certain antibiotics that can damage the filters present inside your kidneys
  • Uncontrollable high sugar level

The above-mentioned are some of the major reasons for kidney failure. If you want to treat kidney failure, then you have to first treat the causes of kidney failure.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Kidney disease is the initial stage of kidney failure. Kidney diseases have very few symptoms until it reaches to the advance stage. In the majority of the cases, people are living with this order without knowing that they are suffering from this disease due to the absence of any symptoms in your body. If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned symptoms then immediately reach your doctor. Some of the symptoms of kidney failure are as follows:

  • Urine output changes: usually it decreases as well as increases but in some cases, it remains normal.
  • Swelling in your legs, ankles or feet due to fluid retention
  • Breathing problem
  • Fatigue or excessive laziness
  • Confusion or problem in concentrating things
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Pain or pressure on your chest
  • Seizures
  • Coma

When you reach a qualified doctor then he/she recommends you for some test that can help them to confirm the presence of kidney failure in your body.

Diagnoses for kidney failure

Following are the tests that are to be performed to diagnose kidney failure that are as follows:

Blood test – It is done to measure the level of albumin and toxic materials in your blood. The two main toxic substances are creatinine and urea nitrogen. Creatinine is produced by muscle metabolism in your body and urea increases due to the presence of an abnormal amount of protein in your blood. Healthy kidneys remove these materials from your blood but after the dysfunctioning of your kidneys level of these toxins increases in your blood and can lead to kidney failure. This test is performed to determine the level of these toxins in your blood.

Urine test – If there are the presence of symptoms of blood and excess protein in your urine then your doctors may suggest for this test. This test will help your doctors in understanding how severe your kidneys damage is.

Imaging tests – Some imaging tests like ultrasonography or a CT scan can help your doctor in the determination of the exact reason behind kidney failure like kidney stones or blockage in urine flow, etc.

Some stats are from the United Arab Emirates; there more than 320 people per million of general people in the United Arab Emirates that are suffering from kidney disease right now. Around 1600 people are on dialysis but that is not a permanent solution for kidney failure. Dialysis can perform the functions of kidneys but they cannot revive the functions of your kidneys.

Treatments for kidney failure

According to allopathy doctors, there is no permanent cure for kidney failure but you can survive little longer with allopathic treatments like dialysis and kidney transplant. These treatments can prove very harmful to your body. Treatments for kidney failure are as follows:

  • Dialysis – In this treatment equipment is used that acts like artificial kidneys that can perform the functions of your kidneys but outside your body. There are many risks involved in this procedure like anemia, weakness and many more. One of the major risks is the average life expectancy rate of kidney patients that is 4-5 years which is very less.
  • Kidney transplant – Another treatment in allopathy for kidney failure is a kidney transplant. In these treatment patients, the kidney has been replaced by healthy kidneys of the donor. The donor can be living or deceased but this treatment is done with the consent of the donor or from a donor’s family if the donor is deceased. In most cases of a kidney transplant, the patient’s body rejects the donor’s kidneys. In that case, doctors will give some anti-rejection medicines to kidney patients but that can have a serious impact on other parts of your body. That’s why kidney transplant and dialysis is not an appropriate option for the treatment for kidney failure.
  • Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment – Ayurveda can treat can chronic disease without any serious hazards. Kidney failure treatment involves the use of natural herbs that are very effective in the treatment for kidney failure. These Ayurvedic herbs can revive the functionality of your kidneys with any side-effects on any part of your body. For the Ayurvedic treatment, you have to find an eminent kidney care center and karma Ayurveda is one such kidney care center that provides efficient Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure.

At Karma Ayurveda Hospital, Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team giving their best to provide the best and effective treatment to kidney patients without using any surgical equipment. They work on a regular diet of kidney patients and use natural herbs in their treatment.

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