Ayurvedic remedies for renal cysts

Does Ayurveda encompass the potential to treat kidney cysts naturally?

Renal cysts are the bubbles containing fluid develop in the kidneys. These cysts have a thin translucent wall and contain fluid like water. Generally, older people develop kidney cysts, but these cysts do not cause any harm to the body. However, renal cysts require sometimes in the condition when one experiences infection or bleeding. In the condition of renal cysts, several symptoms can appear.

  • Fever
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Pain in the upper abdomen
  • Urinary habits
  • Blood in the urine

A few more symptoms can be seen as well, and these symptoms vary.

Though it is believed that age is a major risk factor, renal cysts causes are still unknown. In the later ages, it’s normal to have kidney cysts in both the kidneys. As age increases, the number of cysts can also increase. These cysts are completely different from the cysts develop in the condition of polycystic kidney disease. Kidney cyst treatment in Ayurveda can shrink cysts slowly and hence make them vanish from the kidneys naturally.

Diagnosis of Simple kidney cysts

These cysts cause no symptoms, and that’s why they are found during imaging tests performed for the detection of any other health condition. While, if the state of kidney cysts are not causing any complications and symptoms, at this stage, they don’t need any treatment. While some cysts appear more complex than the usual simple renal cysts, these cysts may contain solid substance having a layer of a thicker wall as compared to the normal cysts.

To diagnose such kind of cysts, a doctor can take the help of some below-listed imaging tests.

  • Abdominal Ultrasound- This test is conducted for taking the pictures of the internal section of the kidneys for determining the presence of fluid inside the renal cysts.
  • CT Scan- This test is used as a complementary test for the ultrasound. The primary aim of the test is to distinguish between the moderate cysts from tumors of the kidneys.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging- As the name indicates, the test uses some magnetic field and radio frequencies to produce clearer images of the internal section of kidneys.

With the help of these laboratory tests, a doctor can confirm the type of cysts you are suffering from. If your tests’ reports are positive and noticing several complications as well, then you need proper treatment timely.

At this phase, you can decrease kidney cyst size by ayurvedic treatment naturally and safely.

Do kidney cysts need any specific treatment?

The majority of the patients with simple kidney cysts do not require because they cysts do not harm the kidney or their functionality in any manner. However, in a few cases, these cysts cause symptoms, and hence the patient requires treatment in this phase.

At this condition, an Allopathic practitioner can use some procedures to help patients in relieving simple kidney cysts. Some of them are.

  • If there are some cysts in your kidneys, then a doctor punctures the cysts with a long needle inserted into it. It may seem easy to process, but it’s a very complicated medical procedure that requires expertise to perform successfully.
  • In another process, the doctor pulls out the liquid and fills the empty with a specific type of solution, mainly containing alcohol. This solution hardens the tissue and hence reduces the chances of its occurrence.

These are not the permanent solution as most of the cysts develop and store fluid again into them. These procedures are complicated, and only expert doctors can perform. As a result, many complications are associated with these procedures.

If you ask about the cure for kidney cysts, then let us tell you that you can’t find a better treatment than Ayurvedic remedies for renal cyst.

Ayurveda is a natural healing treatment procedure that utilizes a precise set of herbal medicines and conventional procedures to shrink and eliminate kidney cysts eventually. This holistic treatment method uses sacred herbs, massages, acupuncture, acupressure, and some dietary changes. Simultaneously, an Ayurvedic practitioner also suggests eliminating the poor or unhealthy habits that will help in stimulating the treatment procedure. Consequently, you can say that kidney cyst treatment in Ayurveda is a complete package that offers permanent and side-effects free treatment for kidney cysts patients.