Ayurvedic Treatment & Medicine for Creatinine

What is Creatinine?

Creatinine, a waste product in the blood, is filtered by the kidneys and eliminated through urine. It is produced by muscle metabolism in the body. The more muscle mass is, the more Creatinine is produced. The kidneys continuously filter Creatinine and flush it out of the body through urine.

When we are tested, the creatinine level ensures our kidney function. A High level of Creatinine in our blood indicates that the kidney is damaged or not working correctly. Many people are still unaware of the normal range of Creatinine in the blood. The following chart informs about the normal ranges of Creatinine in both men and women.

Creatinine Levels rangesNote: These values may vary in different laboratories depending upon age, sex, and gender.

What does a high creatinine level could mean?

Generally, the increased level of creatinine level may damage kidneys, cause acute and chronic kidney failure, or indicate renal capacities deterioration. Many factors increase the possibility of this aggravation. Some of them are-

How to reduce creatinine levels?

Yes, creatinine levels can be controlled, and the risk of kidney failure can also be prevented. By following these simple Ayurvedic treatment for high creatinine levels, this problem can be forestalled-

  1. Always avoid vigorous workouts, as Heavy work out can be responsible for more creatinine production. If you face high creatinine levels, it is strictly adviced to reduce the amount of exercise you do.
  2. Stop using a supplement that contains Creatine. The liver produces Creatine, and taking supplements can provoke kidney damage and increase serum creatinine levels.
  3. Keep a count on protein consumption; High protein consumption disturbs the amount of Creatinine in the blood. Individuals with high Creatinine should also avoid protein-rich food items, for example, red meat, seafood, and dairy products.
  4. Add more fiber to the diet, as high fiber consumption helps decrease the amount of Creatinine in the blood. Individuals with high creatinine levels ought to consume a fiber-rich diet. They could also include organic products, whole grains, and vegetables in the diet.
  5. Also, drink the correct amount of water. A proper water intake is essential for People with high creatinine levels. A healthy person could consume 8 to 9 glasses of water in a day.

What is the Ayurvedic treatment for Creatinine?

Besides making some dietary plans changes, High creatinine levels can be brought down by adopting a healthy living way. Ayurveda always supported the natural treatment for high Creatinine, and they are-

  1. Adding meditation to the daily routine helps our body to release stress, anxiety, and anger. It helps in building the body’s immune system. It also enhances blood flow and controls the heart rate.
  2. Take a 20 minutes morning walk. Maintain a habit of walking on wet grass barefooted for at least 20 minutes. It helps reduce the number of toxins in the body.
  3. Start the day with a cup of herbal tea or green tea herbal teas to maintain the creatinine level. They are full of antioxidants, reduce inflammation, increase metabolism, and detox the body.
  4. Taking proper sleep for 7 hours regularly is very important – this helps reduce the body stress and helps in the proper working of the body and its organs.

What is Ayurvedic medicine to reduce creatinine levels?

You can reduce the high creatinine levels by adding some Ayurvedic medicines to your day to day life:

  1. Punarnava – It is a classic herb known for its properties of reducing creatinine levels naturally. For its consumption, You can boil some Punarnava in water.
  2. Low sodium consumption – Mandatorarily, limit the use of salt in your food and drinks. Always watch the amount of sodium intake.
  3. Palash is an important herb and helps in many kidney-related problems. It also manages the creatinine level in the body.
  4. Avoid vitamin C if you are a kidney patient or having a high level of Creatinine, avoid using any citric food, like lemon, oranges, etc.

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