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Ayurvedic treatment for foamy urine by Karma Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment for foamy urine
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It is important for all of us to be detected every single change in our health as it can be a sign of a dangerous health disorder which can put a person’s life in danger. Foamy urine is one of that changes which is found to link with many health disorders or conditions. In this blog, we are going to know about its causes and about ayurvedic treatment for foamy urine by Karma Ayurveda, which is a natural solution for this health disorder. “Proteinuria ayurvedic treatment

Major causes of foamy urine

There are many people who ignore the bubbles or foam in their urine. But doing this can be dangerous for them. There are many factors which can be responsible for the change in color and foaming of urine. Before talking about ayurvedic treatment for foamy urine, let’s take a look at the major causes of foamy urine:

  • Full bladder- Yes, this can cause your urine foamy. This is because; full bladder can increase the pressure of your pee and can turn your urine foamy.
  • Dehydration- It can also be a cause of foamy urine for anyone. A person’s urine turns more concentrated when he/she haven’t drunk adequate water.
  • Proteinuria- High level of protein in urine can make the urine look foamy. This condition is known as proteinuria which is further associated with a number of causes.
  • Chronic kidney disease or kidney failure- The situation of proteinuria arises when the kidneys of a person are not able to preserve the excretion of protein with urine. This is because of chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. “Proteinuria ayurvedic treatment
  • Retrograde ejaculation- This is a less common cause of foamy urine which happens in men. In this, semen backs up into bladder turns the urine foamy.
  • Because of toilet cleaners- There are some toilet cleaners which can turn your urine foamy.

It is important for a person to get sure about the cause of foamy urine as ignorance can let anyone face some drastic health condition such as kidney disease. It is also important for a person to find the best way to get out from such health condition and to be away from procedures which are linked with many complications. Ayurvedic treatment for foamy urine provided by Karma Ayurveda hospital is working as an ideal solution for many people worldwide. It is a treatment which helps in the right elimination of every deep down cause which is found to associate with kidney disease. Before discussing more this natural treatment, it is important to know the factors which increase the risk of kidney disease for a person. “Proteinuria ayurvedic treatment

Who are at higher risk of kidney disease?

Kidney disease causes foaminess of urine. It can be a cause of many other health complications as well. Let’s take a look at the risk factors of kidney disease:

  • High blood sugar level or diabetes
  • Blood relatives with kidney disease
  • The high blood pressure level

In men, diabetes, high usage of drugs, nerve damage, and prostate surgery can be a cause of retrograde ejaculation which is further linked with the condition of foamy urine. Karma Ayurveda is providing Ayurvedic treatment for foamy urine to the kidney patients since 1937. This is the treatment which had saved more than 35000 patients from treatments which are found to be full of chemicals, drugs, and antibiotics. This ayurvedic kidney disease treatment by Karma Ayurveda hospital is saving people from surgical procedures such as dialysis or kidney transplant, which are an artificial option and are found to associate with many risk factors at the same time.”Proteinuria ayurvedic treatment

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