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Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure – A Safe & Effective Solution

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Located on both sides of our spine, kidneys are the two bean-shaped organs responsible for purifying our systems. Generally, every human is born with two kidneys but in some rare cases, a child is born with only one. Also, when a person faces some challenges with his or her kidney, he has to depend on the other one. In some cases, both the kidneys fail due to many reasons and then, the person needs to depend on dialysis or a donated kidney for urinary functions. Although there is a promising kidney treatment in Ayurveda, many patients are either unaware or scared to give it a try as it employs the abundant power of nature to revive the patient’s own kidney cells. Kidneys are one of the most important organs of the human body and the Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure replenishes their own power to heal naturally.

Most people live healthy and perfectly normal lives with one kidney but it is important to keep the only kidney you have, profusely healthy. For this, Ayurvedic medicine for kidney is attracting medical tourists from countries far across. An organization named Karma Ayurveda in Delhi is winning the hearts of numerous patients across the globe with its revolutionary Ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure. Dr. Puneet Dhawan from Karma Ayurveda provides optimum Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease to help the patients survive on even one good kidney. Let us know more about life with only one kidney!

Why do people have only one kidney?

The main reasons for someone having just one kidney are:

Renal agenesis: A person, in this case, is born with just one kidney.

Kidney dysplasia: This condition causes a person to be born with two kidneys, but one of them only works.

Cancer treatment: One kidney of a person has been removed due to different reasons like to treat an injury or treat cancer.

Kidney donation: This implies to the person who has donated one kidney to another person, who required a kidney transplant.

Long-term problems for people with just one kidney

Anything that is not natural always has some problems and in the case of living with one kidney also, there are some minor hazards involved. This is why choosing kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda plays a great role in combating the long-term problems associated with people who were born with a just one kidney or may have had a kidney removed during childhood. These problems can be a slight loss in kidney function and high blood pressure, later in life, the loss in kidney function is typically very slight, and lifespan is normal though. But with Dr. Puneet Dhawan’s Ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure, the situation can be reversed, and that too, without any complications.

Precautions to be observed by people with one kidney

Doctor visits

If living with only one kidney, you should have your kidney function and blood pressure checked at least once a year. Checking kidney function requires simple urine and blood tests. If you are undertaking Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease, these visits can be pleasant though.

Participation in sports

Some amount of physical exercise is healthy and good for all of us and it becomes even more important for someone with only one kidney, but being careful with protection from injury is highly required. Some doctors can suggest avoiding contact sports like football, boxing, hockey, soccer, martial arts, or wrestling. However, with kidney treatment in Ayurveda, the risk of any injury to kidney becomes lesser.

Healthier diet

Although most people living with just one healthy kidney do not need to follow a special diet, a healthier diet with some restrictions is highly suggested for people with any kidney illness or kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda demands you to adopt a more organic dietary routine for a faster recovery.

Therefore, life with only one kidney is a little difficult but if carefully seen, it is not at all impossible, especially with Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure. But one should always be aware of the heath of his kidneys as ignorance can be responsible for big risks. In Ayurvedic medicine for a kidney is required, the patient should definitely make haste to treat his condition. Many people who go through kidney failure travel to Karma Ayurveda every year to avail the most advantageous kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. Thus, chronic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda can come as a life-saving option for the ones in dire need!

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