Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Problem

Kidney problems – A brief study

Whenever we talk about being healthy, it does not only mean to be physically fit, and it also involves mental health. Many reasons can disturb your physical and mental health in the worst way possible. To some extent, we can say that bad physical health can be a reason behind bad mental health. It brings down your confidence.

Keeping our body fit is in our own hands. We can either destroy it or make it by the habits we develop. It is essential to take equal care of all the organs of our body as they all are interconnected and completes the cycle of good health.

One of the vital organs in our body is Kidneys. Kidneys keep the whole internal body clean by filtering and throwing the waste out of the body. The results can be deadly when the kidney stops performing its function correctly. It can influence your whole body negatively.

Here, we will be reading about all the kidney problems that can risk your life and ayurvedic treatment for all these kidney problems.

Kidney problems

Kidney problems can affect your body in manners that are beyond your imaginations. Let us talk about these problems in detail.

Blood in urine – The condition of blood in urine is called hematuria. It is a problematic sign that there is something wrong with your kidneys or part of your urinary tract. There are two types of hematuria, gross and microscopic. In gross hematuria, blood in urine can be seen with the naked eyes, whereas in microscopic hematuria, blood samples can be observed under a microscope. Some reasons behind this condition are family history, excess use of painkillers, infections, etc. All these problems can be taken care of with the help of ayurvedic treatment for kidney-related problems.

Kidney stones – Stones occur in our kidneys when the dissolved minerals get stuck on the inner lining of kidneys. The size of the stone increases gradually. The symptoms of kidney stones cannot be noticed unless it moves to the ureter. Blood in urine, vomiting, pain, pus in urine are some prevalent symptoms of kidney stones. The best treatment for kidney stones lies in the herbs offered by Ayurveda. Kidney stones during pregnancy can be a dangerous situation for both the mother and the baby. It needs treatment as soon as possible.

Kidney pain – The pain of kidneys occurs on either one side or both sides of your back. Kidney stones, kidney injury, and urinary tract infections are some of the significant causes of kidney pain.

Protein in urine – Protein in urine is a condition when your urine begins to excrete an abnormal amount of protein through urine. It is a significant sign of kidney disease. It can also occur when your body is producing enough proteins.

Acute kidney injury – It is the most dangerous condition in the kidney’s health. Acute kidney injury is a condition when our kidney stops working all of a sudden. It happens in two days or less than that. Some of the symptoms of acute kidney disease are pain in the chest, swelling of ankles and feet, nausea, etc. Acute kidney damage is a reversible condition if it gets caught on time. According to the Ayurvedic treatment used for kidney problems, AKD can be treated from the core with the help of some herbs and a customized renal diet. A small walk or a light physical activity is also a boon in such situations.

Kidney infection – Kidney infections are called pyelonephritis in medical terms. Kidney infections are widespread in pregnant women and children who are less than two in age. Kidney infection and back pains are interconnected as infections are the most common reason behind back pain.

These were some of the kidney problems that affect our bodies in numerous ways.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney problems

The treatment of kidney problems is available best in Ayurveda. Ayurveda provides you with the cellular level treatment to any stage of your kidney disease. Herbs and natural edibles are 100% efficient methods to provide relief to all your pains. You can add a healthy renal diet plan in a list of treatments. Also, a little physical workout is beneficial.

Ayurveda suggests you take care of your mind, body, and soul to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.