Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney Failure Treatment

Learn why Ayurvedic Treatment is effective for Kidney Failure

Kidney failure and ayurvedic take on their severity

Ayurveda is the “quality of life“. A person who is known to have an ayurvedic diet and lifestyle can unlock the door of a healthy and happy life. Because Ayurveda is beneficial in every prospect linked with human anatomy. Its take on the treatment of kidney diseases is unique and efficient.

The bean-shaped organs – kidneys are a pair of significant organs that play a crucial role in maintaining the whole balance of the human body. Their functioning relies on a buffer system that performs a principal function of blood filtration.

Kidneys eliminate the toxins and help maintain the excellent health and vitality of the body. The process of blood filtration is mainly executed in order to send the waste products and excess fluids into the bladder for their permanent excretion from the body. When your kidneys reach the point of total malfunction, it means that they have stopped functioning and are unable to work on their own. The condition of having the failure of kidneys is known as kidney failure. Along with this, comes a string of health issues that can affect the human body.

Kidney failure is a severe kidney disorder that arises when your kidneys cannot filter the blood according to the body’s requirements. Damage procured by the filtering units of the kidneys can result in improper purification of blood. Any hindrance caused by disease or medical condition can damage the glomeruli, due to which the kidneys enter the phase of impairment in their filtration system.

Kidney failure is also stated as the ultimate objective of all kidney diseases. All renal harming diseases have the motive to lead the kidneys to end-stage renal disease or ESRD. Many people rely on dialysis, which is lifetime support only; it is not a permanent cure. However, some people with kidney failure have acquired revival of their kidney function by naturally treating the kidney.

Kidney treatment in Ayurveda is the passage towards the natural healing of kidney damage. The holistic approach of the natural healing system of Ayurveda treats the severity of kidney failure without dialysis. Allopathic treatment can only assist in the management of symptoms and complications. In contrast, The fundamental principles of Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda focus on retrieving the kidney function permanently.

What Renal harming sources cause Kidney Failure?

The genesis of kidney failure states that it is caused by the strike of kidney harming sources on the functioning order of the kidneys. High blood pressure and diabetes are the central culprits that cause the kidneys to enter the phase of dysfunction. The properties in these medical conditions can cause irreparable damage to the filtering units of the kidneys.

Underlying are the causes and diseases responsible for leading the kidneys to kidney failure.

These are the causes of kidney failure:

  • Diabetes: It is the primary reason why kidneys acquire health and can not filter the blood. High blood sugar damages the glomeruli- the tiny filtering blood vessels.
  • High blood pressure: Elevation of blood pressure levels can hamper the arteries surrounding kidneys and tiny blood filtering vessels.
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis: It is stated as the inflammation of the kidneys’ tiny filters (glomeruli).
  • Chronic kidney disease: Chronic kidney disease is a significant cause of kidneys failure.
  • Polycystic kidney disease: This is a genetic kidney disorder that causes renal enlargement and impairment by forming cysts. (Read more about polycystic kidney disease)
  • Obstructions in the urinary tract.
  • Kidney infection: Infections can meddle with the function of kidneys, such as pyelonephritis. (Read more about kidney infection)
  • Reduced blood flow to the kidneys.
  • Inflammation of the kidneys due to the consumption of illegal substances or NSAIDs – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Nephrotic syndrome: It is a bunch of symptoms that occur due to the damaged filtering system of the kidneys. (Read more about nephrotic syndrome)
  • Cardiac attack.
  • Autoimmune diseases: lupus or Goodpasture’s syndrome. (Read more about Autoimmune diseases)

Kidney failure causes an interference in the functioning of other organs, too, as kidneys are the major organs, and their functional behavior influences other functions.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Generally, a kidney failure patient can not experience symptoms in the initial stages of renal disease. Some cases experience no kidney failure symptoms at all.

However, possible symptoms that are associated with kidney failure are stated below:

  • Decreased urine output.
  • Edema – Swelling in the legs, ankles, and feet due to fluid retention caused by the inability of kidneys to eliminate excess fluids.
  • Asthma – Like problems or shortness of breath
  • Excessive weariness or fatigue: losing the sense of physical activeness.
  • Long-lasting nausea
  • Decreased mental awareness – confusion or not being able to concentrate.
  • Pain or pressure within the chest.
  • Seizures.
  • Coma.

Therefore, Kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda controls the symptoms caused by renal harming diseases. The Ayurvedic medicine for kidney damage works efficiently and heals the damage caused by the kidney disease naturally.

What factors increase the risk of kidney failure?

Numerous factors are responsible for the deterioration of kidneys and are the major causes of kidney failure. The risk factors of end-stage renal disease includes:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking: Smoking can affect kidney function.
  • Poor management of weight: Obesity can make the body a centre of various health issues.
  • Ageing.
  • Abnormal kidney structure from birth.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure provides a well-detailed guide regarding factors that increase your risk of acquiring renal damage.

Is modernization a reason for the bad health of kidneys?

India is facing a whole lot of issues regarding the health of kidneys, as kidney failure accounts for the maximum cases. The primary reason for the bad health of kidneys is that people are following the modernized way of life. People are bound to their health, and they are the holders of the capability to improve their health. Instead of eating packaged foods, people can lean towards the ayurvedic way of life where quality matters.

Therefore, Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment is a guide to the good health and vitality of your kidneys. The path of Ayurveda works to maintain the mental, physical and spiritual well being of kidney failure patients.

Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda: A friend or foe

Ayurveda is the traditional medical science that is associated with the roots of India. It has been acquiring attention in the medical world by treating severe phenomena without using modernized modes of treatment. Ayurveda proves that kidney failure treatment without dialysis can be done with zero after-effects and complications.

A human body is a combination of tridoshas- Vata, pitta, and Kapha, and these three doshas are responsible for the maintenance of health and the functional behavior of the kidneys. Best kidney failure ayurvedic treatment states that the vitiation of these three doshas causes issues that lead to kidneys’ malfunction.

Three factors unify the ayurvedic approach of treating the kidney failure stages:

  • Herbal management: Ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure is the proper management that your kidneys need during the episode of kidney failure. The herbs that are used to produce medications are renal-friendly in nature. That is why Ayurvedic medicine for kidney damage can help heal the damaged parts and enhance the functioning rate of the kidneys. There are no side effects; they positively impact the kidneys.
  • Natural healing therapies: The ayurvedic approach is the key to kidney failure treatment without dialysis in India, as natural healing therapies are used to reduce symptoms and complications caused by unhealthy kidneys. The therapies are all-natural and help the patient cope with the ups and downs that strain their mental and physical health. Natural detoxification of the body is also performed through these efficient therapies.
  • Ayurvedic diet and way of life: Ayurveda healthy the diet and lifestyle of the kidney failure patient. Along with the Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease and natural healing therapies, an ayurvedic diet chart and a healthy lifestyle are also added to the routine of a kidney failure patient. A kidney failure patient needs to have a healthy diet that comprises renal-friendly super foods. The practice of yoga assists in the good health of kidneys because these asanas can eliminate toxins and regulate blood pressure levels. However, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help manage the complications of kidney failure.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that the best ayurvedic treatment for kidneys in India understands the disease’s pathology and treats the kidney ailment from its core using the holistic natural healing system, which consists of natural healing therapies and herbal courses of medications and ayurvedic renal friendly diet and lifestyle.

To know about ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure treatment and its impacts with the medium of video, open the video below.

Disclaimer: Kidney failure is a severe health condition that needs to be controlled in time. We recommend opting for Ayurveda for the genuine revival of the capabilities. If you are already pursuing a treatment, we strictly advise you not to make any changes in your schedule or diet without consulting your doctor or dietitian. For further advice, you can use this helpline: +91-9871712050 number or visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurveda can cure kidney problems permanently as it works on the roots of the disease and other associated factors. This holistic treatment uses herbal medications and some ancient therapies to cure kidney diseases naturally.

Ayurvedic treatment can help heal kidney damage naturally with herbal medicines that have therapeutic properties. Herbal medicines can stimulate the process of self-repairing and rejuvenation. Consequently, Ayurvedic treatment can repair your kidney damage naturally.

Yes, it is. Ayurveda has the best treatment for kidney failure as it can cure your kidney failure using the therapeutic properties of natural herbs. Such herbs can balance your vitiated Doshas or bodily energies to help you gain your natural kidney health back.

Ayurveda has several medicines for kidney failure. The Ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure are based on some herbs, i.e. Punarnava, Gokshur, Palaas, Rakt Chandan, and Varuna, etc. These medicines have different therapeutic properties.

Since Ayurvedic treatment is customized, it depends upon different aspects of a patient such as body type, age, gender, cause of kidney failure, and many other things. Ayurvedic medicines vary from patient to patient as per the mentioned factors. So, it’s not possible to mention the single best medicine for kidney failure.

Yes, kidney damage can be repaired with Ayurvedic herbs and some ancient therapies. Diet and some other aspects also play a crucial role in reversing your kidney damage and making them healthy again.

Ayurveda’s customized treatment system helps cure kidney failure. Ayurvedic herbs, ancient therapies and some diet alternations may trigger kidney healing and thus can cure kidney failure permanently by making your kidneys healthy.

You can heal your kidneys naturally by choosing the best Ayurvedic kidney treatment. Ayurvedic treatment has a complete healing package to remove your complications and symptoms and thus heal your kidneys naturally.

Ayurveda has several herbs and ancient therapies that help improve overall kidney health naturally. This treatment can trigger the self-healing process and therefore cures your kidneys in natural ways.

Some ancient therapies, herbal medications and few diet alternations can help remove kidney complications and thus repair your kidneys naturally.

Kidney failure can be cured without dialysis as herbal medications can heal your kidneys naturally by eradicating existing complications and improving the body’s vitiated internal energies. Consequently, it makes your kidneys capable of doing their natural functions effectively.

Ayurvedic medicines are composed of some natural herbs and other plant-based substances. Such medicines are prepared in an entirely natural environment to preserve the natural efficacy of herbal medications.

Ayurvedic treatment is a completely holistic treatment package that possesses herbal medicines, age-old healing therapies, a kidney-friendly diet plan and some natural practices to heal your kidneys naturally. Thus, Ayurvedic treatment cures your kidneys naturally and causes no side effects.

Ayurvedic treatment is the best solution for kidney failure as it gradually repairs your kidney health and enables them to work well again. This holistic treatment heals your kidneys completely and makes them functioning again.

There are several Ayurvedic medicines that are good for your kidneys. Such medicines help your kidneys work well by healing them naturally. Ayurvedic medicines are given to the patients as their body type, complications and symptoms.

Ayurveda has several medicines to fight kidney disease. The medicines are given to the patients depending upon their kidney damage, age, complications, symptoms and other biological factors. So, it’s a little bit difficult to name a few medicines that are best for kidneys.