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Karma Ayurveda Review | Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Name Ganesh from Bihar – Dr. Puneet Dhawan

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4 Aug 2018

A kidney disease can affect your body’s ability to clean and filter the blood and extra water from the body. In addition, it also controls the blood pressure. The dysfunction of the kidneys can lead to building up of toxic waste inside the body which can harm other organs of the body.

This can result in various symptoms in the body such as swelling in your ankles, vomiting, weakness, poor sleep and shortness of breath, loss of appetite, and nausea. If these conditions prevail for long, the damage can get worse and the kidneys can eventually stop working. “Karma Ayurveda Review Chronic Kidney Disease”

Karma Ayurveda is one of the authentic centers in Asia providing wholesome wellness clinics in Asia. They were established in 1937 and since then have treated millions of kidney patients. The treatment provided by them is completely natural and organic without any side-effects in the body.

Video Description:

The patient name is Ganesh and he is from Bihar, suffering from chronic kidney disease for a long time now. He started taking allopathic treatment for the kidney problems but there was no result. He was also on dialysis but the creatinine keeps on increasing through the treatment.

  • Creatinine- 7.3 approx
  • Swelling in legs
  • Unable to walk normally

After treatment

The patient took an initial course of Ayurvedic medicines and the improvement started showing. The creatinine was controlled with the diuretic properties in the herbs. “Karma Ayurveda Review Chronic Kidney Disease”

  • Creatinine- 4.1
  • Fit in the physical level

Karma Ayurveda treatment is giving relief to many kidney patients from many parts of the world. They have saved patients from dialysis and gave them a natural way to heal the kidney problems. “Karma Ayurveda Review Chronic Kidney Disease” Dr. Puneet Dhawan has gained expertise and has been providing his services to all types of kidney disease.