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Common Winter Diseases in Kidney Patients

Winter is here, so are the cravings for coffee, hot chocolate, lava cake, ginger tea, hot soups, spinach, Gajar Ka Halwa, and many more foods winter is famous for. Along with food, winter is for getting dressed up in hoodies, snuggling in the quilts, laying down under the sun, and bonfires, all to appreciate the season of winter.

But where one side healthy people enjoy winter, on the other hand, kidney patients try to prevent various kinds of health problems like sore throat, cough, flu, common cold, joint pains, asthma, heart disease, to name a few.

Some of these winter problems can turn perilous for people taking acute kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda.

Let’s discuss some of the common winter diseases in kidney patients:

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1. Flu & sore throat

Flu is normal, and it is not only common in winter. But, it can hit your body anytime and anywhere. Mostly, this infection is triggered by a virus, and sometimes, it happens to be contagious. In some research, it is found that the flu virus stays stable in cold and dry winters. Further, deficiencies of some nutrients like vitamin D in patients during kidney treatment in Ayurveda make them vulnerable to a sore throat.

The prevalent signs of flu in kidney patients or anyone are:

  1. cough,
  2. fever,
  3. body aches,
  4. sore throat, and
  5. fatigue.

Methods to prevent flu during acute kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda:

  1. give yourself enough rest,
  2. exercise regularly,
  3. stay hydrated,
  4. eat healthily,
  5. maintain hygiene,
  6. stay warm, and
  7. use disposable tissues in the cold.

Avoid taking any medicines or dietary supplements for flu if you are suffering from any kidney disease.

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2. Joint pains

Joint pains or arthritis is one of the signs or complications of acute kidney failure. Winter means cold that triggers the old injuries and fractures or prone joint pain. On the other hand, winter cold makes your joints weak to caught pain. More aged or sick people are prone to pain in the joints.

In winter, sometimes joint fluid thickens and causes swelling and discomfort.

Ways to avert joint pain in winter:

  1. be active,
  2. stay physically and mentally healthy,
  3. eat a balanced diet,
  4. drink enough water to keep hydrated,
  5. wear warm clothes, and
  6. use a knee cap to protect your knees.

3. Dry skin and dandruff

Dry skin and especially dandruff can be not; they are extremely irritating and sometimes painful. Low humidity in the air in winter makes your skin dry and rough, which causes dandruff and triggers bacterial infections.

Methods to prevent dry skin and dandruff:

  1. moisturize the skin,
  2. apply coconut, almond, or mustard oil on your body,
  3. contain natural oil of your skin,
  4. deeply nourishing your hair, scalp,
  5. use lukewarm water, and
  6. consult your dermatologist if your condition is severe.

4. Heart attacks

In winter, the air becomes more populated, which do not help in inhaling and exhaling oxygen and carbohydrate. Due to this, heart problems affect most people and mainly those on acute kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda. In winter, your heart works much more to sustain a healthy temperature of your body, not to tighten the arteries and prevents the oxygen supply. In addition, the cold temperature raises the blood pressure that causes blood clots, and puts you at risk of a heart attack.

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Methods to avert kidney failure:

  1. stay warm in the house,
  2. use water bags or electric blankets, and
  3. Do warm—exercise daily.

Avoid doing exercise if you are taking kidney treatment in Ayurveda. If you want to do any warm exercise, consult a kidney specialist, Dr. Puneet.

Some other health illnesses in old kidney patients:

In winter, elders are more prone to develop the following health problems.

  1. hypothermia
  2. freezing of the skin or other tissues
  3. high blood pressure (read more about high blood pressure)
  4. tightness in chest
  5. breathlessness
  6. dehydration

If you are old and a kidney disease patient, follow these tips to prevent common health problems in winter.

  1. wear warm clothes to stay warm,
  2. mild exercise to boost circulation, and
  3. consume a healthy diet.

To enjoy the winter fully, take care of yourself. Many people feel depressed in winters, which makes them more prone to the health mentioned above problems. So, it is vital to check the foods you eat and the routine you are following. And, for your kidney disease, take kidney treatment in Ayurveda from kidney expert Dr. Puneet.

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