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Does Coronavirus Lead to Kidney Damage?

The new coronavirus strain in the world has caused outbursts of comorbidities in COVID patients. Patients who have been admitted to the hospital are witnessing blood and protein instances in the urine, indicating their kidney function is compromised. The rising effect of COVID on the organs essential for life has resulted in an increased mortality rate.

The emergence of the second wave has threatened the globe with surprising stats and figures on the number of death cases. India, on the other hand, is impacted hefty because of challenging health infrastructure facilities, though the country is making the best efforts to save the citizens.

The impact of the second wave is different because the virus inflames and clogs the tiny air sacs in the lungs. What being worst is that the virus remains undetectable in the RT-PCR and Antigen tests. By the time the virus damage to the body is so intense, the body’s supply of oxygen shuts down the crucial organs. The clinicians have evidence suggesting the role of the virus in heart inflammation, blood clots, neurological disorders, acute kidney disease, and liver damage. The complexity has complicated the treatment process and hurt the course of recovery.

The critical impact on kidneys

As stated in the study published in the journal Cell in March – the virus invades the body by attaching itself to a type of receptors on cells called ACE2. These receptors are found in the cells located in the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

The other factor linked to the possible damage to the kidneys is a viral infection, as the body becomes insufficient of oxygen, says the president of the National Kidney Foundation, Dr. Holly Kramer. COVID damages the lungs and makes it hard for the body to meet its oxygen needs.

The possible damage to the kidneys could also be due to the effect of the virus on the blood. Blood clots hamper the blood flow to the nephrons (tiny blood capillaries within the kidneys) and disrupt the normal blood filtration process.

Blood clots likely cause faults in the immune system, called a cytokine storm, raising inflammation in the body. The cytokines are supposed to protect the body against virus attacks. Still, due to the faulty immune system, more and more cytokines are produced, resulting in the body attacking its healthy cells and tissues.

The kidneys are the blood filter of the body. They are meant to keep off the waste and excess fluid and add what the body requires the most. So when the nephrons get damaged, the blood vessels appear to be weakened, which is why the kidneys start to leak more protein and urine into the blood.

Dialysis machines do some of the work of kidneys by performing the blood filtration process until the patient is healthy again. But in COVID patients, there is too much blood clotting which even clogs the filters in the machine used in the process. In response to the blood clots, patients are given blood thinners to prevent clogging and abrupt shutdown of organs.

For people who are on treatment for kidney problems already, be it dialysis or a kidney transplant, the risk of infections is quite more in them. Such patients with impaired kidney function due to an underlying kidney function need to pay more attention to the guidelines laid by the government on social distancing. Cleanliness and hygiene are a must at this time. It is recommended that they should continue with dialysis and medicines as suggested by their doctor.

Likely they should rely on ayurvedic treatment for kidney problems at this time because dialysis and transplant procedures can lead to the risk of COVID through surgical equipment.

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