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What are the Hematuria remedies and treatments in Ayurveda?

Normally, people don’t talk about urine, but urine has a lot to say about you and your health condition. What you eat or drink, it must be revealed in your urine. Your kidneys form urine and it is consists of waste materials and excess fluids. These waste materials are separated from your blood by your kidneys. The appearance of blood and protein in your urine may signify the abnormal functioning of your kidneys. Hematuria is your health condition in which blood is detected in your urine. This is not a notable problem, but it can lead to other severe health-related issues. With the help of hematuria treatment in Ayurveda, you can eliminate the root cause of this disorder.

This health condition is not normal; it can lead to other severe medical issues. If hematuria is not treated timely, then it can become the reason of having kidney failure. Once your kidneys fail, allopathic doctors recommend dialysis and kidney transplant as a treatment for this health condition. If you are searching for the most reliable treatment to reduce blood level in your urine, then several experts recommend hematuria remedies in Ayurveda to improve this health condition.

What are the Causes of hematuria?

There are many reasons for having blood in your urine and some of them are mentioned below:

• Kidney infections – When bacteria enter your bloodstream or they moved from ureters to your kidneys. In that condition, your kidneys get infected by these bacteria.

• Glomerulonephritis – Glomeruli is the filtration unit of your kidneys. When a long-running disease attacks glomeruli, it may create inflammation.

• A bladder or kidney stone – Crystal-like structure blocks your urine flow. It may cause pain when it passed.

• Cancer – Advanced kidney, bladder or prostate cancer can be a reason for having blood in your urine.

• Kidney injury or trauma – Direct damage is done to your kidneys can cause blood in your urine or some cases urine color may changes.

• Urinary tract infections – Severe pain or burn during urination are the symptoms of UTIs. In this disorder, harmful bacteria enter your body and get multiply in your bladder.

• Medications – Some medicines to treat severe illnesses like cyclophosphamide and penicillin can cause urinary bleeding. Intake of aspirins and blood thinner are also responsible for this health condition.

• Heavy exercise – In exceptional circumstances, strenuous exercise can lead to befall blood in your urine. It may be caused due to dehydration or breakdown of RBCs in your body. Normally, you can notice a color change in your urine.

The above-mentioned are the main reasons for hematuria, and you can reduce blood levels in your urine naturally from Hematuria remedies in Ayurveda. This type of treatment has no side-effect on any organ of your body.

What are the Symptoms of hematuria?

There are no signs at all that signifies this health condition. But when you see any color change in your urine, then this may indicate the appearance of blood in your urine. The color of urine is normal pale in yellow, but when there is a change in your urine color that may symbolize any abnormality of your kidneys. Reach to your doctor as soon as possible for the therapy of this health condition. He may advise you about imaging tests that are mentioned below.

• Computed tomography (CT) scans – it is like an x-ray scan that can help your doctor in the identification of bladder or kidney stones, tumors.

• Kidney ultrasound – In this test sound waves are sued to create an exact picture of your kidney’s structure. If there is an increase in your kidney size, then it will be highlighted in this article.

• Renal biopsy – In this test, a biopsy needle is used to take a sample of your kidney tissue. That sample is examined under a microscope to detect any damage done to your kidneys.

Hematuria treatment

In allopathy, there is no need for treatment unless or until a critical condition is causing the hematuria, but in Ayurveda, each situation of hematuria is considered dangerous. Still, your doctor may provide you some medications, and he will call you after every 6 months for a routine checkup. He/she monitor your blood level in your urine. If you smoke regular, then try to avoid smoking and control your blood pressure level to check the level of blood in your urine. Hematuria treatment in Ayurveda is the better option than allopathy for the therapy of this health condition.

Hematuria remedies in Ayurveda

It is a universal fact, that Allopathic medicines can cure you of this disease in a short period, but after some time this condition may re-occur and can impair the functioning of your kidneys. If you are over 50, then you are at a greater risk of having this disease. Hematuria remedies in Ayurveda are the only approach to reduce the urea level in your blood. But from some preventive measures, you can treat this health condition naturally. Some of the preventive measures are as follows:

• Drink plenty of water – If you are facing any kind of renal infection, then drink water as much as you can.

• Avoid sodium to control BP – Control your blood pressure level by changing your diet or reducing salt intake. Sodium is responsible for the increase in your blood pressure level. Exercise and meditation can help you to revive the functionality of your kidneys.

• Avoid smoking – If you are a chain smoker and want to quit smoking, and then try to reach your health care provider. They may help you in quitting smoking.

• Use of Ayurvedic herbs – Use of natural herbs like Punarnava, gokshura, dandelion is strong enough to control blood in your urine naturally.

Ayurveda is considered as the most suitable treatment for the remedy of hematuria. Some experts acknowledge Ayurveda as the mother of all healing. It has been practiced in India for 5000 years as a natural healing procedure. If you are facing hematuria and want the best treatment to cure to tackle this disorder, then you can go for the hematuria ayurvedic treatment.

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