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How Can You Reduce Creatinine With The Help Of Ayurvedic Science?

What is Creatinine?

Creatinine is a waste product that gets produced from the normal muscle breakdown of a compound, generally known as the creatine. Creatinine plays a crucial role in the production of energy needed to contract muscles. But it must be eliminated by the healthy kidneys. The healthy kidneys remove them from your blood and release them along with the urine. The creatinine test is performed to measure the amount of creatinine in the blood and urine.

Every kidney patient may have a high level of creatinine level in their blood. Besides, a person consuming protein-rich products may have a creatinine level in their blood.

So, in this blog, you are going to read about the ways to reduce creatinine by Ayurveda, including the use of Ayurvedic medicine for Creatinine.

What is the average creatinine level?

Тhоugh сrеаtіnіnе lеvеls іndісаtе nоrmаlсу durіng thе іnіtіаl stаgеs оf СΚD. The urine test is done to identify the creatinine clearance and the presence of precious red blood cells or excess protein content in your blood. Тhе аmоunt оf сrеаtіnіnе wіll vаrу ассоrdіng tо аgе, sех, аnd wеіght wіth thе nоrmаl mеаsurе fоr thе:

In Маlеs it is between 97 and 137 ml/mіn
In Fеmаlе it ranges in between 88 and 128 ml/mіn

Since the kidneys are the filters of the body, if they get diseased, not enough creatinine waste products are excreted in the urine while more ends up in the bloodstream.

Factors responsible for the rise in creatinine level in the blood.

The following reasons may point towards the r increase in the level of your creatinine level. These may include

Muscular dystrophy
Heavy blood loss by shock
High blood sugar level or diabetes
Good pasture syndrome
An autoimmune disease like lupus

Usually, people who get diagnosed with this health disorder need to have specific treatment such as creatinine treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurveda can wisely work on the kidneys and may help eliminate this condition without any hassle.

Ѕіgns and symptoms of having a high creatinine level

A kidney patient starts experiencing various symptoms once the creatinine reaches to the dangerous level. There might be pain overlying the kidneys and tenderness over the flanks. Other signs of high creatinine level are:

• Swelling of the feet
• High blood pressure
• Protein in your urine
• Blood in urine
• Burning during urination
• Change in the frequency of urination

In the case of renal infections, unspecified treatment may lead to the renal shutdown. So, make sure you do not overlook the signs when the disease can be cured easily without any complication.

Ноw tо сhесk fоr еlеvаtеd сrеаtіnіnе?

Nephrologists suggest several things they can do to check the person’s creatinine level in your blood. A creatinine clearance test is a better option to get the exact measurement of the patient’s kidney function. Other tests are also required to understand the exact condition of your kidneys and the real reason for the hike in the creatinine level. Some of the tests that are needed are as follows:

• Urine examination for the chemical and waste products
• X-rays or scans will give a complete picture of your kidneys
• Renal biopsy can give you the exact reason for having any physical damage to the kidneys

What are the health benefits of Ayurveda for creatinine?

Some of the health benefits of Ayurveda are as follows:

• These medicines can terminate the disease by rejuvenating the damage to the cells and tissues.
• Eliminate the root causes of the disease.
• Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural herbs that do not cause any severe side-effect.
• Herbal medicines can help in the production of new hormones.
• Ayurvedic medicines help in regulating high blood pressure.
• Ayurvedic medicines reduce elevated creatinine levels.
• Ayurvedic medications reduce the need for dialysis.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan is among the leading names in the field of Ayurvedic treatment. He has been treating kidney patients with 100% natural and Ayurvedic medicines. So, if you also want an ayurvedic treatment for yourself, then Dr. Puneet Dhawan is the best choice to call for.

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