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How to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease by Ayurveda?

how to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease
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Kidney performs many necessary functions in a regular manner to keep our body out of waste, excess fluid, and toxins. Smoot functioning of the kidneys is very much necessary for our health. But when a person reaches the stage of kidney failure, kidneys inside his/her body stops performing all its major functions. This let a number of health complications or symptoms to emerge which signs that the person needs an immediate kidney disease treatment. In this blog, we are going to know about how to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease by Ayurveda.

Is dialysis a right solution of kidney disease?

No, dialysis is not a solution to kidney disease at all. This is just an artificial treatment which purifies the blood with the help of a machine when a person’s kidneys are not able to do so. Dialysis is just a temporary fix which performs some functions of kidneys. This procedure can also be termed as a quick fix, which works as a pause to the symptoms of kidney failure only for some time.

There are many people worldwide who are undergoing dialysis and are unaware of its complications. There are some other kidney patients as well, who are undergoing dialysis only because they got failed to find a natural way. Being at this condition, many people think that how to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease naturally. If you are in the same situation, then you are advised to pick the way of ayurvedic kidney disease treatment which is bringing many patients out of the dialysis protocol since ages.

Well, the answer is by adopting the right lifestyle and natural way of kidney treatment.

Effective ways to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease

If the same question “How to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease naturally”, running in your mind then you need to meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda. He is the one who will teach you about the ways adopting which you can treat the disorder naturally. Some major ways to avoid dialysis and to cure kidney disease naturally are:

  • Regulate running disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid consuming a high amount of sodium
  • Add exercising schedule in your daily routine
  • Eat healthily and manage the right weight

Kidney treatment in Ayurveda suggests a kidney patient all such ways adopting which anyone can stay away from dangerous kidney related disorders.

Importance of a healthy diet for kidney disease treatment

Kidney treatment in Ayurveda explains how right eating habits can maintain a person’s health. People who are facing the complications of any kidney related disorder are asked to be more focused towards their diet. This is because; the wrong diet can put more pressure on the kidneys and can cause more damage to it as well. Here are some foods which should get added to the diet of a kidney patient who wants to avoid dialysis:

  • Vegetables- Adding veggies to your diet will be a real effect change. Vegetables like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Garlic Red bell pepper, and Onions are very effective for the improvement of the overall health of kidney patients.
  • Fruits- There are some fruits which can do wonders for kidney patients. This includes kiwi, raspberries, apples, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and red grapes are some ideal fruits for kidney patients.

A kidney patient can also add olive oil, fish, and egg whites to his/her diet. But before adopting a diet plan, it gets important for a kidney patient to discuss the same with his/her doctor.

The right treatment for kidney failure by Karma Ayurveda

Every kidney patient needs a permanent solution for kidney disease but they got to fail to find so, in some cases. This has a reason. Such patients move towards allopathic treatment first which push them towards artificial procedures like dialysis and kidney transplant. Karma Ayurveda is aimed to provide the amplest solution to such kidney patient. Working as the ayurvedic kidney care institution, it is guiding the kidney patients about how to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease naturally. Here Dr. Puneet Dhawan is using his experience and knowledge to cure the kidney patient’s problem of its root causes. This is the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicines provided by Karma Ayurveda which had treated more than 35000 patients since 1937. So, get ayurvedic kidney disease treatment and be a part of our Karma Ayurveda’s ultimate aim which is “stop kidney dialysis”.

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