How to reduce creatinine by yoga

Any metabolic activity processed by the human body helps in the breakdown product of creatine that medically is known as creatinine. Generally, this breakdown releases along with the urine passed but when the production increases and starts to get accumulated in blood and urine, then it is a sign of kidney disease or kidney ailment because of high creatinine levels. Wondering how to reduce creatinine levels by yoga? Read further.

So, just after when you sense the symptoms (that we will be talking about further); you should seek a treatment to reduce the elevated creatinine levels. It may surprise you to know that you can reduce creatinine levels with the help of yoga which is also a part of Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine levels.

Creatine is a natural protein-type produced in the liver and transferred to the brain, the heart, kidneys, and muscles via bloodstreams. It is a type of energy agent that provides energy 95% to muscles and the rest of the 5% to other organs mentioned before. Having high creatinine levels can be dangerous for the functioning of the human body and may land in various troubles and kidney disorders.

In such conditions practicing a few yogic postures can help you in reducing the creatinine levels.

Practicing yogic postures can benefit the health of kidneys and other organs too:

  • It relaxes the body, mind, and soul
  • It improves flexibility
  • It helps in personality development
  • It relieves anxiety, stress, and depression
  • It helps in maintaining the physic
  • It improves blood circulation
  • It helps in building the immunity
  • It improves digestion
  • It helps you in a peaceful sleeping
  • It improves concentration

Here are a few yogic postures that we recommend during the Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine levels for the patients to reduce high creatinine levels:

  • Balasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Pawanmukatasana
  • Ardh matsyendrasana
  • Navasasna


Is also known as the child-pose that is considered as a kidney-activating pose. Yoga for kidney problems is the safest and side-effect-free option to reduce creatinine levels. This pose helps in relieving from stress and anxiety that often arises during kidney dialysis. Here is a quick guide to perform Balasana:

  • Sit down by kneeling like the Vajrasana.
  • Sit in a way that your hips should touch your ankles.
  • Breathe in and raise your hands upwards.
  • Now exhale slowly and start bending down keeping the position of hands as it is.
  • Touch your head to the ground.
  • Touch the ground with your fingers, holding the position for 2 to 3 minutes.


Or the cobra pose is considered as another effective pose. It is a type of yoga for kidneys and liver-friendly. It strengthens and enhances the flexibility of muscles in the human body. This pose allows stretching of muscles and massages the internal organs for better functioning. By stretching and bending you can reduce your creatinine level if the creatinine level is increasing because of the overproduction of proteins in the body. Here is a quick guide to perform Bhujangasana:

  • Lie down on your stomach.
  • Put your hands on the ground with hands open.
  • Stretch your body back just like a snake.
  • Keep your chin upwards.
  • Put the weight on your hands.
  • Hold that posture for 30 seconds.

Pavan-Mukt Asana:

Is also known as the wind-relieving pose that is also considered as yoga for kidney infections. This yogic posture also helps in relieving from the problems of gas, kidney infection, and acidity that arise by the consumption of junk food and allergic foods. Here is a quick guide to perform Pavan-mukt Asana:

  • Lie down.
  • Bend your legs and bring your knees towards your mouth.
  • Hold your legs.
  • Try to touch your knees with your mouth.
  • Hold this yoga asana for kidney patients, for 60 seconds.

Ardha Matsyendrasana:

Is also known as the lord of the fishes pose. Many kidney patients find that kidney dialysis and yoga are a bad combination which is not true. Ardha Matsyendrasana is a yoga asana that boosts the immunity system and eases the digestion of the human body. It also enhances the flexibility of the spine and improves its functioning. The benefit that kidney derives from this Asana is if you are suffering from kidney pain then you can get relief by practicing this asana. Here is a quick guide to perform this Yoga asana to reduce creatinine levels:

  • Sit like a dandasana pose.
  • Place your left foot in front of the right leg.
  • By keeping your spine straight rotate your head & weight to the left.
  • Hold this posture for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the procedure by changing your sides.

Or popularly known as the boat pose that stimulates the functioning of kidneys and organs in the vertebrate. It helps in relieving from anxiety, stress, depression, digestion problems, and increases flexibility. Here is how to practice this asana for dropping the elevated levels of creatinine levels:

  • Sit like a dandasana pose.
  • Lift your legs keeping them straight and upwards.
  • Lean slightly backward if you cannot hold the pose that way.
  • Try to keep your hands parallel to the floor.
  • Your posture should be 45 degrees angle to the waist.
  • Hold still for 60 seconds.

So these were a few yoga poses to reduce creatinine levels in blood and body. Yoga is a part of Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases that requires a few changes in the diet and lifestyle of an individual.

Following are the directed guidelines that any Ayurvedic nephrologist would recommend throughout the treatment:

  • Limit the intake of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein.
  • Avoid consuming frozen foods because they contain phosphorus and preservatives in high amounts.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and drugs.
  • Try to consume fresh fruits & vegetables only.