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How to stop dialysis naturally and permanently?

how to stop dialysis naturally
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Kidney disease is a dominant health disorder with which millions of people are diagnosed today but are unable to find the natural solution of it. The numbers of kidney patients are increasing worldwide because of the increasing number of diabetes and high blood pressure patients. Here we are going to discuss how these persisting health conditions take a person to the stage of dialysis and how to stop dialysis naturally.

What is dialysis and why it is not the right solution of kidney disease?

There are many kidney patients around the world who are undergoing dialysis thinking that it will free them from kidney related disorder permanently. All these kidney patients need to know that dialysis is not a treatment but is that surgical procedure which performs some functions of the kidneys, to relieve the complications of kidney disease only for some time. Before discussing how to stop kidney dialysis naturally, let’s know that at which stage the situation of kidney dialysis arises.”ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease.”

The need for kidney dialysis arises when a person faces the stage of kidney failure. Kidney failure is that stage of health at which both the kidneys of a person get failed to perform its functions. At this stage, dialysis purifies the blood and eliminates the waste out of the body. But this artificial treatment is just a quick fix to the symptoms of kidney disease. This artificial procedure is also found to link with many health complications such as:

  • Sudden weight gain and muscle weakness
  • High level of blood sugar
  • Weakness of bones
  • Low blood pressure
  • A situation of a hernia
  • Fever and stomach pain
  • Infection and hypothermia

Those who are seeking an answer for how to stop dialysis naturally are advised to bring necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle. Let’s discuss some major preventions of kidney failure.Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda

Is prevention of kidney failure possible?

Yes, the stage of kidney failure can be prevented. All you have to do is to eliminate negative aspects from your lifestyle and eating habits. By adopting some habits, one can easily stay away from the stage of kidney failure. These major preventions are:

  • Regulating high blood sugar level or diabetes
  • Regulating high blood pressure level or hypertension
  • Taking medications for the overall reduction in blood sugar and blood pressure level.
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Eating low cholesterol food
  • Drinking adequate amount of water

These preventions are the correct answer to “how to stop dialysis naturally”.

Who provides kidney disease treatment without dialysis?

Risk factors which are found to associate with dialysis clearly state, that it is not the right procedure for kidney disease treatment. To keep the kidney patients away from this surgical procedure and its complications, Karma Ayurveda is putting all its efforts since 1937. This kidney care center had brought more than 35000 kidney patients out of dialysis and kidney transplant protocol by providing ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease.

Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda without dialysis provided by Karma Ayurveda is making the patients aware that kidney disease has a natural solution too. If you are a kidney patient and want to be free from kidney disease naturally, then Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda can help you out.

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