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How to increase GFR level naturally?

Kidneys filter blood and produce urine out of the waste and fluids extracted therein. When your kidneys are not functional, which usually happens, they cannot eliminate waste wisely. The glomerular filtration rate tells how well your kidneys are removing waste and other harmful substances from the blood. GFR is an equation calculated on the basis of creatinine, age, and gender. This is the first test that your doctor does to know the amount of damage to your kidneys and how GFR can be increased naturally.

Stages of chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is the insidious loss of kidney function. In the initial stages, the kidneys may still work up to their maximum efficiency. The broad categorization of CKD into different stages helps the patient know how badly their kidneys are influenced and how they can increase their GFR naturally. The stages of chronic kidney disease are as follow:

Stage 1: GFR>90
Stage 2: GFR between 60 and 89
Stage 3: GFR between 30 and 59
Stage 4: GFR between 15 and 29
Stage 5: GFR less than 15

GFR less than 60 suspects damage to the kidneys, but if it further deteriorates to 15 or less, it marks kidney failure. Since glomerular filtration rate depends largely on the creatinine, which can be influenced by hydration or other factors, your doctor determines the reason for your abnormal test. If related to chronic kidney disease, changes in your renal diet will help to increase the GFR level naturally and reduce the risk of renal failure.

How to increase GFR naturally?

Your kidneys are self-healing in nature when they are moderately damaged. This means they can recover on their own when being in the initial stage with a better diet plan and lifestyle changes. When your kidneys start to recover, the GFR level naturally increases.


Protein is the important nutrient your kidneys need, but when kidneys are damaged, they cannot eliminate the large molecules of protein. Protein impacts your creatinine and eGFR particularly. The dietary protein you consume converts into amino acids, and when your body breaks down muscle production creatine, it forms creatinine. The doctors suggest a restriction on the dietary protein because creatinine affects GFR. Thus, proteins can at least temporarily increase GFR level naturally, although the long term effects of it are still unknown.


Dietary fiber consumption can reduce serum creatinine levels. Since creatinine is an important factor that affects GFR when you consume more fiber, the creatinine, and the GFR level increase naturally. This is because fiber helps in the breakdown of creatinine before it gets transported to the kidneys. Sources of high fiber content include beans, nuts, and whole grains.

Some sources of fiber are also rich in phosphorus and potassium, so care must be taken if you are in the advanced stages of CKD. At the late stages of CKD, you should not modify your diet before consulting your healthcare provider.

Other health conditions

Kidney disease can be slowed down from progressing by controlling the conditions that have an impact on your kidneys.

Obesity is a common risk factor for CKD, and various reports have demonstrated a decrease in the GFR when weight control measures are adopted.

Elevated blood pressure and blood sugar levels also cause kidney damage. Hypertension and diabetes are common factors that pressure the bloodstream of the kidneys. As you know, kidneys need sufficient blood flow to filter the blood; any damage to them because of these well-being conditions causes’ kidney disease. So, aim to achieve your blood sugar and blood pressure level after consulting your doctor and increase your GFR level naturally.

A renal diet

Choose healthy fruits and vegetables for optimum health. Limit salt and sodium in your diet to help improve your blood pressure level. Excess sodium consumption is also related to fluid retention, which worsens kidney disease. If your kidneys are not able to eliminate potassium, your doctor may advise taking less potassium and phosphorus in the diet to increase GFR naturally. Better consult your healthcare provider or dietician, as the kidney disease can pose a threat to your entire body.

Glomerular filtration rate severely gets impacted when your kidneys are not healthy or with dehydration, certain medications, and intense workout. If tests show decreased GFR for two or more times, then you need to consult an ayurvedic specialist who can suggest ways to increase GFR level naturally.

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