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Is Giloy suitable for High Blood Pressure?

Nature is a blessing for all life forms. It is only because of Nature and its resources that we can live a healthy life. But are we doing good for Nature? Are we living in harmony with Nature? Well, the answer to these questions is both yes and no. However, Nature knows it all. Nature might be outside our body, but its mind lies within us. This is the reason why our bodies work in harmony with Nature.

For this purpose, Nature has gifted us with many herbs that are rich in various medicinal properties. These herbs might be in the form of leaves, plants, stems, roots, fruits, or vegetables. Today, we will be discussing essential details related to Nature’s gift, i.e. Giloy and its effects on High Blood Pressure.

Giloy: A Weapon of Destruction against Ailments

Giloy is among those natural herbs that are rich in a countless number of medicinal qualities. Whether we talk about problems related to indigestion, hair loss, vision, etc., adding Giloy to your diet can be extremely helpful. Moreover, this is among those herbs that have no side effects on the body. However, one thing Giloy is famous for is High Blood Pressure.

The Rising Concern of High Blood Pressure

As per the reports and studies conducted, six out of seven individuals suffer from the problem of High Blood Pressure worldwide. However, these people can be further classified into three segments. These are:

  • Those who are unaware of their problem
  • Those who are aware but not taking any treatment
  • Those who have come out of High Blood Pressure but not controlling it

You might be shocked to know that out of all the kidney disease cases globally, over 75 percent of them are caused due to High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. Hence, the increasing number of High Blood Pressure has become a significant concern among people. Though it was thought that this disease affected only people above age 40, recent studies have revealed that youngsters are also affected by High Blood Pressure.

The primary reason behind the surge in the number of High Blood Pressure causes is poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Youngsters are not ready to give up their ugly habit of eating junk food rich in salt, potassium, and other such compounds. All these elements only end up increasing the blood pressure that exerts heavy pressure on the walls of the blood pressure. It leads to various problems, including Kidney Disease, Cardiac Arrest, etc.

Effect of Giloy in High Blood Pressure

Among all other benefits of Giloy, one of them is controlling blood pressure. In Ayurveda, Giloy is referred to as Amrita. If you were to find its meaning, it means the root of immortality. Hence, Giloy is one such herb that doesn’t just heal your problem but also boost your immunity. Even small portions of Giloy are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants.

All these compounds together help fight off various kinds of infections and help treat all kinds of fever. As mentioned above, High Blood Pressure occurs due to poor eating habits. It leads to the accumulation of waste compounds and toxins inside the blood vessels. Consuming the prescribed amount of Giloy boosts your immune system and improves digestion that helps in reducing hyperacidity. It works like a hypoglycemic agent that controls blood pressure.

Does giloy increase blood pressure?

No, Giloy does not increase blood pressure. Instead, its medicinal qualities help in clearing the blood vessels, thereby allowing a smooth flow of blood throughout the body. Excessive waste compounds in the blood vessels make it difficult for the heart to pump blood all across the body. As a result, it exerts heavy arterial pressure on the heart, resulting in High Blood Pressure.

In this case, consuming the prescribed amount of Giloy will only control your blood pressure and would make you healthy again.

Can heart patients take giloy?

Giloy is rich in many medicinal qualities. It not just boosts your metabolism but also helps you fight off severe infections and other ailments that might otherwise make it difficult for you to live a healthy life. Also, it is a proven fact that Mental Stress and Anxiety are the two major causes of severe mental conditions. But consuming Giloy can keep you away from such conditions.

Hence, it is considered suitable for heart and kidney patients since it gives relief from mental disorders like stress and anxiety.

Is there any side effect of giloy?

There are no significant complications related to the consumption of Giloy. Since it is a natural herb, it does not result in side effects. However, it must be noted that the Nature of Giloy is cold. Hence, if you have ailments like cold, fever, cough, etc., you should only consume a limited quantity of Giloy as per the advice of a health expert.

Can Ayurveda Heal High Blood Pressure?

Ayurveda is the only treatment available for High Blood Pressure that can heal the problem from its root level. In fact, the use of Giloy is prescribed in Ayurvedic literature. As per Ayurvedic experts, High Blood Pressure is caused because of blockages in the inner channels of the body that disturb the functioning of the organs.

Hence, with the help of Ayurvedic medicines and by following a decent diet plan, High Blood Pressure can heal their problem in a matter of months. Also, the Ayurvedic Treatment for High Blood Pressure is entirely Nature. That is the reason it is now being preferred by health experts worldwide. Last but not least, Ayurveda offers a holistic treatment that gives a divine experience to all the patients.

Declaimer: This write-up is only meant for generic purposes. Nothing mentioned in this article should be taken as medical advice. Before consuming any amounts of Giloy, you must consult a health expert to get the best guidance on the exact quantity consumed. For further advice, you can use this helpline: +91-9871712050 number or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.

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