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Is Kidney Shrinkage Curable? Karma Ayurveda Hospital

Is Kidney Shrinkage Curable
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We have two pairs of kidneys in the body and they are made up of nephrons, tiny structures that filter waste out of the blood. When a person is diagnosed with a kidney disease that affects the kidneys or other prolonged conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, the nephrons become damaged over time and lose their filtering ability. The kidney problems start rising when the kidneys stop working in the middle and old age due to many prolonged diseases.Is Kidney Shrinkage Curable?

Kidney shrinkage is also known as kidney atrophy refers to the condition in which kidneys are shrunk abnormally in size. For healthy adults, the size of the kidneys is 10-12 cm in length, 5-6 cm in width and 3-4 cm in thickness. An atrophic kidney is an abnormal phenomenon in which kidneys are relatively or obviously smaller than the normal value. Kidney Failure Treatment

Causes of kidney shrinkage

If diagnosed with kidney shrinkage which didn’t happen suddenly as it progresses slowly. There are two common diseases that can lead to kidney dysfunction namely diabetes and high blood pressure.

Diabetes is a disease where the body isn’t producing enough insulin to break down the sugar from the food we eat. The excess sugar remains in the bloodstream. High levels of glucose can damage the nephrons in the kidneys. This could lead to a condition called diabetic nephropathy. Over time, high blood pressure damages blood vessels throughout the body. The high pressure and stress from the blood vessels in the kidneys can damage the nephrons.”Is Kidney Shrinkage Curable?

There are other reasons such as genetic disorder, physical injury to kidneys, lupus, glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome, congenital renal dysplasia, and chronic pyelonephritis and bladder infections.

Signs and symptoms

Since kidney shrinkage is one indicator of the loss of kidney functioning tissues, patients are likely to experience certain signs and symptoms in the body, such as:

  • Swelling is caused due to fluid retention may appear in patients’ face, legs, feet, head and some other loose tissues easily
  • Hematuria is the urine presents red, black or tea-colored that means there is blood in urine.
  • Back or flank pain is one sign of kidney shrinkage
  • High blood pressure is most often, the worse patients’ illness condition, the higher blood pressure
  • Fatigue usually results from renal anemia or deposits of uremic toxins
  • Nausea, vomiting and skin itching

Kidney diet

Since kidney shrinkage is more likely to indicate kidneys are unable to work properly, a healthy diet is needed to reduce the burden on kidneys. As the detailed diet plan should change from the patient and the stage of the disease. Therefore, we give out several general dietary suggestions.

Is Kidney Shrinkage Curable?

  • Follow a low-sodium diet
  • Follow a low-protein diet with high-quality protein
  • Add omega-3 fatty acid in your diet
  • Take correct amount of potassium and phosphorus
  • Avoid purine-containing foods
  • Drink correct amount of water

Karma Ayurveda providing Ayurvedic treatment

Karma Ayurveda has been providing with best Ayurvedic kidney treatment since 1937. It provides safe and authentic medicines and treatment to all kidney shrinkage problems. They have been named as one of the best wholesome wellness clinics in Asia. They provide a complete herbal treatment to all types of kidney patients. They have a team of experts who also provide with a proper diet chart along with the Ayurvedic medicines. “Is Kidney Shrinkage Curable?

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