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Is Onion Good or Bad for Kidney?

Good and Bad Aspects of Onion

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” As we human need cleanliness around us, our body also requires cleansing to function healthily. The body needs to work beneficially and throw out the waste. The kidney is that organ of the body which performs this function very well, and if the kidney is not working in its natural and healthy form, then it will result in the improper functioning of the body. To treat an unhealthy body, proper medication, a healthy diet, and a healthy workout are needed.

As we know, Karma Ayurveda Hospital mainly deals with the disorders and disease-associated with kidneys. It has everything authentic when it comes to Ayurveda. Ayurveda works on the basic biology of the human body that is Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Ayurveda doesn’t only work on herbal medicines but also, the diet and exercise. These two support Ayurveda in the best possible way. There are many things one can add in their diet while suffering from kidney disorders, and many that needed to take precautions. One of these food items is Onion. It’s always been a debate, is Onion Good or Bad for Kidney? Here we are going to talk about the positive and negative aspects of Onion for kidney patients.

Allium Cepa is also known as Onion. Within India, it is known by many names. It is rich in antioxidants that help in the neutralization of many free radicals in the human body.

Basically, if anyone is an encountering such complication low appetite and atherosclerosis, so, they must include onion in the regular diet. Since WHO (world health organization) has confirmed that onion is beneficial for the health and it helps to increase appetite and remove atherosclerosis disease also. Many health experts say that onions are an excellent choice for people who have some renal disorders, asthma, and cough related problems. Onion contains many vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and other organic compounds that make it rich in therapeutic properties. Onion is a rich source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. Also, it contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Fiber.

Effectiveness of Onions for Kidneys

Onions are not just the flavouring element of the food, but it also has characters that make it a vital component for the diet of the people who are suffering from certain kind of disease. It has flavonoids, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps in the reduction of many hearts and kidney-related problems and protects against cancer. Onion has a low potassium level and provides chromium, which is a mineral that helps with fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism. When it comes to kidney diet dishes, onions provide a sodium-free flavour to the food. Also, Sautéing onions with olive oil and ginger, it gives an excellent flavour to the food without hurting or making any problems for the health of your kidney. It contains prebiotic fibres that keep the digestive system healthy by feeding essential gut bacteria. People suffering from urinary tract infections can also add onions to their diet. In general, urinary tract infection is prevalent in both males and females, but its effect can be seen more in the female body. Boiling 6 to 7 grams of water with Onion and its consumption may help patients to fight against urinary tract infections. Onion has many health benefits, and also it contradicts the statement “is Onion Good or Bad for Kidney?” in the best way possible. The antioxidants property of onions helps reduce sugar levels in the blood.

Harms associated with onions-

Everything has its negative and positive aspects and so onions. It is imperative to know the condition of your body before adding onions to your diet. Sometimes medicine can work as poison if taken in the wrong quantity or manner. Onions have incredible health benefits, but it can also affect your body in specific ways. Here is the list of precautions you should take before consuming onions, thinking of the positive sides of it.

  1. If you’re diagnosed with any disease and already taking medicines rich in lithium, you should halt the consumption of Onion in such a situation.
  2. As it is known that Onion reduces the sugar level in the body, one should avoid eating onions if he or she is already a diabetes patient
  3. Onion also affects systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Patients taking blood pressure medicine should also pay attention to the consumption of the Onion.
  4. Some human body is allergic to onions. In this situation, one should avoid taking aspirin.

Ways in which kidney patients can take onions-

The matter doesn’t end with the consumption of onions only. The right way of taking onions is also essential.

  1. First and the very natural way of taking onions are eating onions raw.
  2. A kidney patient can avail the best out of the Onion if he or she takes it in the soup or salad form. It provides the body with antioxidants and nutrients that help the body to withstand many renal disorders.
  3. There is few other onions variety that makes a human body healthy and disease resistant. Black onions are more powerful and healthy food, if you include in the daily routine diet, so you can take more benefits from it, that’s why in which contain thymoquinone substance which is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and helps to reduce tumor cells in the human body.

Disclaimer:– The purpose of the content on this page is not to substitute any professional medical advice but to only provide information to the reader. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For appointments, call at our 24×7 helpline: +91-9871712050 or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com

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