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Karma Ayurveda Review |Krishna Lal, Delhi resident

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A destructive condition of kidney failure is characterized by dysfunctional kidneys. This difficulty for kidneys to function has a drastic effect on various other body metabolisms. The waste removal function of kidneys is hindered in kidney failure. This, as a result, piles up these wastes and toxins in the blood causing multiple other problems. The technical treatment of allopathy offers dialysis and a kidney transplant to manage this dreadful condition. Dialysis and a kidney transplant, in turn, give rise to innumerable side effects.

The holistic approach to kidney treatment called Ayurveda is an age-old treatment mechanism that entails the use of natural herbs and organic substances. These treatment mechanisms have zeros side effects and also give permanent results to the kidney patients. Restoration of kidney function is a possible outcome after adopting Ayurvedic medicines. Some specialized herbs like punarnava, kaasni, shreigu, Shirish have a wide range of anti-inflammatory and medicated properties that help in reducing the symptoms of kidney failure and also promote healthy kidneys.

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Karma Ayurveda, the leading Ayurvedic treatment centre, is a kidney centre that cures all kidney ailments under Ayurvedic lines. Dr. Puneet Dhawan, an efficient Ayurvedacharaya is the centre head who has helped many kidney patients to fight back their long drawn diseases. Many winning stories of kidney patients are stacked in Karma Ayurveda success diaries.

One of these is of a patient, name Krishna Lal, 62 years old Delhi resident, who suffered from a chronic condition of kidney failure. Because of her deteriorating condition, Mrs. Krishna Lal faced various physical complications that involved an offshoot in blood creatinine levels to 8.5mg/dl. The lady was advised sessions of dialysis to manage her disease but due to various problems, she refused to adopt it. She lost all hope and thought she will not survive. In this traumatizing condition, Karma Ayurveda became the last case resort to restore her lost kidney function.

After adopting 3 months course of Ayurvedic medicines from Karma Ayurveda her creatinine levels dropped to 5mg/dl. Along with this her improved health condition made her say goodbye to dialysis. By this case study, one can analyze that Karma Ayurveda is a perfect treatment centre that gives passage to the wandering hopes of many kidney patients.

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