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Karma Ayurveda Treatment review – Kidney Patient Zarina

Karma Ayurveda Review - Kidney-Patient-Zarina
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Patient’s name: Zarina

Kidney disease has a very bad impact not only on the kidneys but on the other organs of the body as well. This is a health condition which damages the kidneys silently and by affecting its functions, it damages the other organs too. There are many kidney patients who regard dialysis and kidney transplant as the ideal treatments because they are unaware of the herbal ways which can cure the occurred kidney damage naturally. At Karma Ayurveda, all the kidney patients get accurate guidance about the effective and natural ways of kidney treatment. By getting kidney patients out of the dialysis protocol, Karma Ayurveda is becoming a reason to smile for many.

Zarina, 50 years was a kidney patient who was finding a way to be free from dialysis. Her quest gets ended when she meets Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda. She was the kidney patient who was undergoing dialysis two times a week and still facing many dangerous complications. She found that dialysis doesn’t relieve her from any symptom but turned the symptoms more powerful.

At Karma Ayurveda, she was provided with the ayurvedic medicines, Natural Kidney Treatment and a right diet chart that bring her out from the dialysis protocol. Patient’s son in the video tells that the patient is now able to work on her own. He tells that Zarina (the patient) is physically fit after getting ayurvedic kidney treatment. Besides this, the high creatinine level which was around 12 comes down to 5 naturally within 3 months of ayurvedic kidney treatment. This proves that how ayurvedic kidney disease treatment can free a person from dangerous complications of kidney disease and from the risk-full treatment such as dialysis. So, if you or any of your loved one is facing a hard time being diagnosed with any type of kidney disease, then we advise consulting Dr. Puneet Dhawan once besides getting dialysis or a kidney transplant

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