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Keeping Kidneys Healthy in a Worldwide Pandemic

Human Body: A center to coronavirus

Since your first heartbeat in this world, the connection between the human body and its internal organs has been. A human body runs by a collection of bodily functions that helps in keeping the internal balance intact. Major organs like the heart, brain, lungs, liver, and kidneys play a crucial role in your body. They do not work for a night; they work every second to manage their functions and fulfill their daily duties. Survival in this modernized world depends on the health of your organs. A human body that works like a living machine needs the proper functioning of its parts (organs). The multi-tasking organs are a pair of bean-shaped organs that are the size of a fist, but their functions and duties play a considerable role in your body. From filtering the blood, you have in your veins to eliminating the toxins and waste products out of your body. Kidneys are the ones that manage multiple duties individually.

But with the time moving forward and people adapting to the modernized ways of living. Many negative impacts have struck our lives in the form of significant diseases like kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. People with kidney diseases are always at a higher risk of being affected by any problems that come along.

When India was targeted by the malice of coronavirus, nobody knew about the dire consequences that this virus could cause. It spread like a pandemic worldwide and took millions of lives with itself. Those lives that were lost even included individuals that had no health issues. So, it is clear that if this virus can affect healthy individuals that much, then people who have kidney diseases are already at a higher risk of being infected. This increased risk of covid for kidney patients has come along with other major complications that can prove to be life-threatening for them.

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What happens when coronavirus invades your body?

People with kidney diseases are aware of the consequential outcomes of unhealthy kidneys. As unhealthy kidneys do not signify good health and vitality. Several kidney-harming medical conditions make it worse for the kidneys to be able to perform their usual functions. When damaged kidneys are struck with the effects of the latest virus that has caused a storm worldwide, the outcomes can be deadly. Corona travels from person to person and damages one organ to another resulting in a total breakdown of the systematic bodily functions. According to the studies, the severe complication triggered by corona is Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). People with kidney disease can procure these complications easily if they get infected.

Owing to the fact that kidneys are the whole balance of a human body, unhealthy kidneys can lead to different complications in different people. When kidney disease and coronavirus complications unify, then the damage can metastasize to every part of your body. The body’s defense system also breaks down, and the impaired kidney function fails to filter the blood, due to which waste products and excess fluids can accumulate in the blood. Infected kidney patients can have acute kidney injury as the acuteness of both kidney damage and coronavirus cause the kidneys to reach the edge of a breakdown.

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Undertake precautions to keep kidneys healthy in this pandemic!

Precautions are the only option for dealing with this worldwide crisis. The risk of getting infected by the deadly virus can decrease if you follow the precautions associated with covid. People with AKI will experience the decreased output of urine, Unjustified tiredness, puffiness around the eyes, and swollen ankles and legs.

The covid rush at the Indian medical care system due to multiple covid cases keeps on increasing day by day. That is why most of the infected kidney patients are not able to have the required treatments. Due to which their health aggravates, with no treatment for AKI, Organ failure occurs and results in coma or death.

People with old age, a history of kidney disease, or suffering from other long-term diseases are at higher risk of developing AKI after being infected. The pre-existing weak immune systems of kidney patients with corona need special treatment, attention, and care. However, undertaking precautions can help kidney patients to distance themselves from this deadly virus. They are stated below:

  • Following the ayurvedic diet chart and lifestyle in order to acquire good health and vitality of the kidneys. The herbal medications are rich with natural healing capabilities that improve your kidney function.
  • Keep yourself away from public places, gatherings, or crowded places.
  • Avoid meeting with your friends, colleagues, or even neighbors, as anybody can be a coronavirus carrier. Hence take precautions every day.
  • Maintain hygiene by keeping your surroundings clean and washing and sanitizing your hands more often.
  • Manage supplies that include fresh fruits and green vegetables. The super foods will help your kidney and boost your immune system.
  • Seek medical advice from a doctor before consuming immunity-boosting kaadha.
  • Most importantly, stay home, stay safe, and get vaccinated.

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How does Ayurveda help keep kidneys healthy in covid?

Ayurveda in covid crisis can be a weapon to combat the ill wills of this deadly virus. The vast knowledge of human anatomy has ways to keep your body and its organs healthy.

Changes in diet and lifestyle can bring positive impacts on your health. Certain super foods help in boosting your metabolism, immune system, and the function of kidneys. People choose ayurvedic herbs, immunity-boosting kaadha, and yoga instead of slacking around in their houses all day in times of crisis. Taking care of your health should be the first priority in this dangerous phase.

Adapt Ayurveda in covid crisis to ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourself.


Disclaimer: Kidney patients at higher risk of being infected from corona should seek medical guidance first before consuming ayurvedic herbal medications or kaadha. We recommend them to check with their doctors first about consuming medications, kaadha, or practicing yoga to avoid other life-threatening complications. For appointments, call at our 24×7 helpline: +91-9871712050 or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.

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