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Kidney Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda | Karma Ayurveda Hospital

Your kidneys are the two bean-shaped organs that are located on each side of the spine. These two play a very crucial role inside your body. These works to eliminate the waste and toxins out and hence keep us away from dangerous diseases that can impair their functioning. Kidney cancer develops inside your kidneys and can cause harm in different forms. Before understanding the effectiveness of kidney cancer treatment in Ayurveda, it is important to understand about renal cancer and have to discuss the symptoms and causes linked to it.

Renal cancer is also known as kidney cancer. Your kidneys are the indispensable part of your body that filters blood and eliminate toxins out of your body in the form of urine. The renal disease occurs when the cell of kidneys becomes cancerous and grows at a breakneck pace, resulting from forming a tumor or any other severe kidney disorder. In the initial stage of this disorder, kidney cancer develops in the inner lining of tiny tubes of your kidneys. This cancer kidney type is commonly called renal cell carcinoma. Kidney cancers are often detected at an initial stage which involves fewer complications in treating the same.

Kidney cancer treatment in Ayurveda can help you in treating the cancer kidney cells and eliminate the causes of this disorder from its roots.

What are the reasons for the occurrence of kidney cancer?

The causes of this disorder are still a mystery and need appropriate treatment to eliminate them. Some of the possible causes of this disorder are:

  • Smoking – Cigarette smoking can obstruct the proper urine flow and also have the risk of causing renal cancer.
  • Gender – According to some leading research firms, males are more vulnerable to kidney cancers than females.
  • Obesity – People with BMI above than 30 are at a higher risk of getting kidney cancer.
  • Certain medications – if you are consuming anti-inflammatory drugs for a prolonged period, then also you are on the radar of having this disorder.
  • Long-term kidney disease – if you are experiencing kidney disease for a long time or you are on dialysis for a more extended period, then you are more exposed to kidney cancer.
  • Genetic /heredity – A family history or certain genetic mutation of cells increases the risk of having renal cancer. Kidney cancer treatment in Ayurveda can give you permanent relief from this disorder that too, permanently.
  • Exposure to Chemicals – If you are exposed to certain chemicals like asbestos, organic solvent, etc. then also you are more risk of having kidney cancer.

What are the symptoms of having kidney cancer?

There are lists of the symptoms that you may notice during the occurrence of having kidney cancer. Some of the symptoms are as follows:

  • Hematuria, a condition in which there is an occurrence of blood in your urine
  • Bloody or dark-colored urine
  • A lump in your side or abdomen area
  • Poor appetite or anorexia
  • Persistent pain in the side
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Unexplained fever
  • Often tiredness
  • Anemia, or loss of red blood cells
  • Swelling in your ankles or legs
  • Often fever and chills

Kidney cancer treatment in Ayurveda can also help you in reducing the symptoms of this disorder naturally.

Ayurvedic kidney cancer treatment

Ayurveda offers extensive kidney cancer treatment in its organic approach. Its treatment centers around eliminating the root cause of this disorder and affected body tissues. The Ayurvedic treatment is done to cure your entire body and not just one affected organ. It offers a permanent treatment that helps you in stopping the reoccurrence of this disease. Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney Failure is a significant part of this treatment that involves the use of natural herbs.

Ayurveda always makes sure that the patients should undergo the treatment only when he is relaxed and is out of any emotional trauma. The healing of the person is done at the root level by maintaining an appropriate balance between mind, body, and soul. Other measures like meditation, yoga, counseling, pranayama are the parts of the Kidney cancer treatment in Ayurveda. Following are the essential pointers that can help you during the treatment of kidney cancer in Ayurveda:

  • The resistance of food that leads to tridosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) imbalance.
  • Removal of toxins through Panchkarma.
  • Re-establishment of healthy jatharagni (digestive power) functions.
  • Renovation through rasayanas.
  • Ayurvedic measures can act as a co-therapy with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Ayurvedic medicines can minimize the side effects of these therapy treatments.

Dietary management

A kidney cancer patient should follow a diet that is:

  • Rich in natural cancer-fighting chemicals.
  • Helps in boosting immunity.
  • Easily digestible food to avoid toxin build-up in the body.
  • Decrease sugar intake.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol. Kidney cancer treatment in Ayurveda.
  • Include a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Avoid high-fat foods, especially from animal sources.

How effective is kidney cancer treatment in Ayurveda?

Kidney cancer is a disease that needs to get permanent treatment; otherwise, it can be life-threatening for you. People who think that dialysis will give you a stable or prolong cure are on the edge of making a wrong decision. They are increasing the risk for themselves by choosing Allopathy.

Kidney cancer treatment in Ayurveda is useful as it works to eliminate the deep causes of this disease, and never let the symptoms to build again. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney cancer provided by Karma Ayurveda Hospital is considered as the best and most efficient treatment because it is the only Ayurvedic kidney care institution that never suggests the kidney patients go for any artificial treatment. Here Dr. Puneet Dhawan had freed many kidney patients from painful surgeries and had treated the disease naturally.

He is a known face in the Ayurveda industry and has been treating kidney cancers with his traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and renal diet plans. His organic aid does not lead to any side effects and has great potential in reversing the impact of the problems with safety measures.

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