Acute Kidney Disease Treatment in India

Just like the other organs of the human anatomy, the kidney also plays a vital role in wellbeing. Acute kidney disease is a state of kidneys when they meet spontaneous renal dysfunction. Numerous reasons can be held responsible for the state, but Acute Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda has a cure for all. An unexpected loss may bring various complications needing a quick action of repairing. Even though the loss can be estimated by the elevated levels of various blood wastes such as creatinine, nitrogen, and urea. Metabolic acidosis, fluid imbalance, uremia, high potassium, life-risk, etc. are some deadly acute kidney injury complications. Acute kidney damage results in an increased risk of chronic kidney disease affecting many other body organs. Acute kidney injury status can be managed by treating the elemental root of a disease or providing supportive care like renal replacement therapy. The treatment of the elemental root of the disease is done in acute kidney injury treatment in Ayurveda.

Causes of Acute Kidney Disease:

Analyzing the causes of this sudden intervention of the injuries gets triggered by the inappropriate activities or may have an influence on drug abuse and trauma. The best acute kidney disease treatment in Delhi, India, Karma Ayurveda Hospital, suggests that this type of systemic disease is potent enough to cause CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). However, a few other systemic diseases cause Acute Kidney Failures such as lupus nephritis and autoimmune diseases. Following are the most vulnerable cases that become a cause of Acute Kidney Injury:

  • Pre-renal: The pre-renal causes of acute kidney damage include reasons that lead to the low Glomerular filtration rate (GFR). In this medical condition, it is crucial for both the kidneys to be affected. Prominent causes behind acute renal injury are low blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, low blood volume, heart failure, and specific changes to the kidneys’ blood vessels.
  • Intrinsic: Intrinsic causes of acute kidney injury have a direct relation in damaging the functioning units of kidneys. Two significant causes falling under this category are tumor lysis syndrome and rhabdomyolysis. Furthermore, medications such as calcineurin inhibitors damage the tubules of kidneys and become a part of intrinsic causes.
  • Post-renal: Post-renal causes defined under Ayurveda acute kidney failure treatment include the reasons that result in the downfall of kidneys’ functioning. This condition often can be the result of obstructions occurred in the urinary tract. Some well-known diseases falling under the post-renal cause category are bladder stones, kidney stones, blockage in the urinary catheter, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and ureters cancer.

Ayurveda acute kidney damage treatment often has described the vulnerability differently on the number of patients. Acute kidney diseases can be both asymptomatic and symptomatic. Different kidney habitats replicate different symptoms. To analyze the symptoms, these changes can be seen in the body:

The accumulation of chemical wastes in the bloodstreams signifies the following acute kidney disease symptoms:

  • Fluid retention
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lost appetite
  • Fatigue

The excessive amounts of potassium present in the blood may cause the following symptoms in the body:

  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Pounding heart
  • Excessive sweating

Lack of fluids often becomes a reason for acute kidney failure. When the body would be dehydrated, it will make throat dry, and the diseased would feel thirst in excess.

Other associated symptoms that may the body of diseased indicate are:

  • Pain in the groin
  • Dry skin
  • Rashes
  • Abdominal pain
  • Flank pain

Ayurvedic treatment for acute kidney failure:

Now are the times where people call Ayurvedic treatment for Acute Renal Failure as an alternative treatment. Ayurveda has been an ancient remedy to cure chronic and acute diseases of all kinds. It is a technique rather than a treatment to bring back the functioning of kidneys naturally. The emphasis of acute kidney infection treatment in Ayurveda is on repairing the longstanding results’ underlying causes. Ayurveda has been a traditional remedy of India and sub-continents and has a special mention in the mythological and Vedic books. Ayurveda is one of the wholly developed medical systems from the widely accepted history and adopted even after the recovery. Ayurveda faces criticism claiming that treatment methods are obsolete, and there is zero development in medicines. However, Ayurveda has proved all these claims false every time it has been put to the test.

As per Ayurveda’s idea, the human body has three main elements, Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. Any imbalance or aggravation to either of the elements results in the illness of the body. Acute kidney disease is also the result of such an elemental imbalance. The best acute kidney injury treatment in Ayurveda brings all such elements in line and treats the disease from the core. The treatment includes herbal medicines (pastes, oils, and tablets), yoga, meditation, and particular lifestyle & dietary changes.

The changes:

Acute kidney failure diagnosis in Ayurveda has a great significance in the natural recovery from this type of kidney damage/failure. Ayurveda helps with the reincarnation of existing organs without letting any chemical substance enter the body. People suffering from acute kidney injury require proper nutrition to maintain the kidneys and the body’s health. Not to forget, diseases affecting the renal system have an adverse effect. Sometimes these diseases develop in the immune system because of diabetes, and high blood pressure or the said get triggered after renal impairments. Therefore, dietary & lifestyle changes become necessary for the wellbeing of the diseased kidney. Adequate manducating and lifestyle habits can have a great significance on the recovery. People with hypertension need to monitor their sodium intake, whereas those with diabetes are required to refrain from sugar and edibles with a high glycemic index.

  • Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins generate calories as per the requirement of the individual. However, Ayurvedic treatment for acute renal failure focuses on reducing the consumption of all such nutrients that may hamper the functioning and the treatment of kidneys. The adjustment depends upon the individual’s goal, be it the weight gain or weight loss process during the disease.
  • Limit the liquid intake, and do not stop it completely. Milk, juices, ice-creams, vegetables, and fruits with water in them are also the medium of fluid supply to the body. So, be cautious. However, low sodium intake lowers the thirst sensation.
  • It is significant to avoid a high protein diet as it can stress the filtering mechanism. It is recommended to avoid red meat. However, eating lean chicken in a fair amount is okay. Moreover, try eating vegetarian food with low protein.
  • The patients can consume corn cereals, certain sodas, rice-based cereals, and unsalted popcorn as per the need. However, be cautious of what and how much you eat as some of these food items can increase blood glucose levels.
  • Acute kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda also says no to low salt alternatives. It is not recommended to switch over low salt alternatives to prevent high sodium intake as low salt alternatives have high potassium content.
  • Avoid canned food as it has salt in high quantity, which is not kidney-friendly, and it increases the level of blood pressure and creatinine drastically.
  • Grapes, apples, cranberries, pineapples, strawberries, radish, onions, bell peppers, lettuce, and cauliflower are some of the food that can be consumed by acute kidney disease patients.
  • Avoid citrus fruit, coconut water, and pickles as they contain high potassium and high sodium, respectively. Moreover, foods like oatmeal, nuts, whole grain bread, and sunflower seeds have high phosphorus, which is needed to be avoided.