Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment

Ayurvedic Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment, Karma Ayurveda Hospital India – Dr.Puneet Dhawan

What is a kidney disease?

As the kidneys age, they start losing its functional ability, especially if one is suffering from problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. Kidneys perform the function of cleaning the body of waste and extra fluids. It also performs other functions like initiating red blood production and balancing the acids. Nephrotic syndrome is a condition that causes the body to excrete high amount of protein in the urine. This results in the shortage of urine in the body and eventually a major sign of kidney failure. “Ayurvedic Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment India”.

Causes of nephrotic syndrome

There are many reasons that can cause Nephrotic syndrome such as:

  • Abnormal kidney functions
  • Scarring of glomeruli can lead to low Glomeruli Filtration Rate
  • Diabetes can lead to kidney failure
  • Chronic inflammatory disease can lead to kidney failure
  • Thickening of membrane within the glomeruli
  • Clotting of a blood in a kidney vein
  • Severe heart failure

Symptoms and signs

Most of the kidney disease signs are only visible in later stages. Some of the other signs one can experience in later stages are severe swelling in eyes, ankles and feet, urine becomes foamier due to excess protein and unusual weight gain due to fluid retention. In case you notice the signs of Nephrotic syndrome, you should go for a quick diagnose. A prolonged intake of certain medications can also be one of the major causes of Nephrotic syndromes. Ayurvedic Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment India

Kidney diet

The food we consume directly affects the health of our kidneys. It is important to plan a proper diet chart along with the treatment. The important point to be considered while planning a diet is:

  • If one maintain a healthy weight and have a balanced diet that is low in salt and fats can help in controlling your blood pressure
  • A diabetic patient must control the blood sugar level by choosing what to eat
  • You must adjust the intake of calories in your diet as the right amount of calories can help in balancing your weight
  • Carbohydrate and fat intake should be balanced as they have high potassium and phosphorus content. “Ayurvedic Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment India”
  • The amount of protein should be limited as having too much protein can be hard for the kidneys to filter. High protein food should be replaced with low protein food such as bread, fruits, vegetables, pasta and rice
  • Sodium is almost present in all foods and can result in swelling and raise your blood pressure. Try to avoid processed food as it contains more sodium content
  • One should eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Abundant amount of water intake can help in the easy passing of urine
  • Avoid drinking beverages like coffee, tea and alcohol. “Ayurvedic Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment India”

Ayurvedic cure for nephrotic syndrome

Ayurveda is an ancient practice of healing mind, body and soul. The Ayurvedic medicines are made of unrefined herbs such as Punarnava, Gokshur, Shirish, Varun and Kaasni. These herbs are highly effective in reversing the kidney failure. Karma Ayurveda is one of the well-known names in Asia for providing Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment. They have successfully treated thousands of kidney patients from all parts of the world. “Ayurvedic Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment India”

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