Creatinine Treatment

Creatinine Treatment, Karma Ayurveda Hospital – Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Creatinine being a waste compound gets produced through the muscle metabolism in our body. Creatinine is that waste compound which gets excreted from the body and kidneys are responsible to perform this function. The level of creatinine gets increased with the breakdown of muscle tissues. As the creatinine produces, it starts passing through the filters in the kidney. Doctors check the creatinine level in urine which tells about the blood flow by the kidney. High creatinine level signs towards the abnormal functioning of kidneys which needs to get proper creatinine level treatment.

Symptoms of high creatinine level in the blood

It is important to know the major symptoms of high creatinine level to get the effective creatinine level treatment. When creatinine starts getting mixed back with the blood some serious symptoms take place.  These symptoms are as follow:

  • Confusion or less concentration
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Swelling

It is important to get the right creatinine level treatment if any such symptoms arise. People are also advised to get the kidney screening done periodically to avoid some serious situations. It is also important to get the right treatment and at the right time.

How to know the causes of high creatinine level?

A urine test and a blood test are needed to be done to detect the creatinine level in a person’s body. When you get to know about the exact amount, you can get the right and effective creatinine level treatment. A low creatinine level in urine signs to the high level of it in the blood which can damage other organs and can give way to some serious situations. When the functioning of a kidney gets affected by any condition, it automatically serves as the high creatinine level. Some of the common causes for abnormal creatinine level are:

  • Urine infection
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney infections
  • Irrelevant muscle breakdown
  • High dietary meat consumption
  • Drugs

These causes give way to the signs mentioned above, that needs to get adequate creatinine level treatment.

How is Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine beneficial?

If you are looking for a permanent solution for creatinine level then Ayurveda will be the only solution for you. By using herbs and other natural ingredients, Ayurvedic creatinine level treatment will keep you away from major surgeries. By working on your lifestyle and taking proper Ayurvedic treatment, the need to get a kidney transplant or other major surgery gets vanished.

Karma Ayurveda, a leading Ayurvedic institution is providing a soothing treatment to the patients since 1937. Dr. Puneet Dhawan, the driving force at Karma Ayurveda is utilizing his expertise and wishes to eliminate the root causes. Here you will be provided with the herbal medicines which balance the level of creatinine. Besides adopting the time consuming, risky and expensive surgeries grab the benefits of nature at Karma Ayurveda Hospital.

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