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Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda- An Appropriate Remedy

Kidney Failure Treatment
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There are many people who got advice to be on dialysis or to get their renal transplant done when they ask about kidney failure treatment. Are you one such patient who got the same advice? If yes then here you are going to know about the right alternative of such artificial procedure. In this blog, we are going to know about an effective and natural treatment for kidney failure which will not ask you to get any dialysis or kidney transplant done. kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda

How Ayurveda provides you with a permanent solution?

People who think that dialysis or kidney transplant will be the right way of kidney disease treatment for them are absolutely wrong. These procedures work to make the complications of kidney disease stronger and are also found to be a cause of kidney related death in many cases. But still, the people are undergoing these dangerous procedures. Have you ever thought that what had made the need of these artificial procedures so strong? Well, it is the allopathic treatment which is being approached by almost every kidney patient today. This modern ways of treatment are letting the kidney patients approach such artificial procedures. Let’s know that how kidney failure ayurvedic treatment is the best substitute for kidney failure?

Ayurveda is that ancient science, which guides us all about the natural treatment for every health-related ailment. This natural way of treatment is making kidney patients aware that how they can get rid of kidney disease naturally. Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment includes medicines made of natural herbs, a diet plan which provides necessary nutrients to the body, and guidance about the role of Yoga in the natural healing of damaged kidneys.

What is kidney failure and how it can be a fatal health disorder?

Kidney failure is that situation of health at which both the kidneys of a person get totally damaged and are not able to perform any of its necessary functions. When the damaged kidneys stop performing its overall functions, the waste and toxins start getting build up inside the body and give way to many dangerous health complications. This build-up of waste can be a cause of failure for other organs and can turn to be a fatal health disorder for anyone. Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment work to cure the damaged parts of the kidneys and hence to restore its overall functions which are:

  • Removing waste and toxins from the body
  • Managing the level of fluid by excreting the excess amount
  • Managing the blood pressure level kidney failure ayurvedic treatment
  • Managing the level of red blood cells
  • Regulating the level of necessary and unnecessary compounds in the body

People who approach the way of dialysis being at the stage of kidney failure should know that this artificial approach can be a temporary fix of kidney related disorders. Those who are thinking to get kidney transplant done should pick the way of ayurvedic kidney failure treatment which works to restore your own kidneys naturally.

Main causes of kidney failure, everyone should know about

There are two persisting health conditions which are found to be the leading cause of kidney failure which is diabetes and high blood pressure. Millions of people are diagnosed with these two health conditions but are not aware that it can be an invitation to kidney disease for them. Besides this, rapid changing lifestyle and eating habits of people are also working as the cause of kidney disease. Let’s take a look at some other and impactful causes of acute renal failure at which the kidneys stop working suddenly:

  • More intake of counter medications
  • Autoimmune kidney disease
  • Low water consumption or dehydration
  • An obstruction in the urinary tract such as stones or tumor
  • Heart or liver disease

By providing ayurvedic kidney failure treatment since 1937, Karma Ayurveda had saved more than 35000 kidney patients from procedures such as dialysis and kidney transplant. People who are at the stage of kidney failure and are advised to undergo dialysis or kidney transplant are advised to meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda and to know that how kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda can be the ideal solution.

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