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Is Ayurveda considered as a best kidney treatment in Urdu?

Kidneys are the bean-shaped organs that are located in the upper abdomen on either side of the body. These organs are made up of millions of nephrons that are basically filtering unit and thus kidneys are known as the filtering organs in our body. These organs perform many necessary tasks that are very helpful in keeping the body healthy. The major functions in Urdu that kidneys perform are as follow:  

  • Blood filtration (خون کی فلٹریشن۔)
  • Removing wastes and toxins from the blood through urine (پیشاب کے ذریعہ خون سے ضائع اور زہریلے مادے کو دور کرنا۔)
  • Managing the electrolyte level in the body (جسم میں الیکٹرولائٹ لیول کا انتظام کرنا۔)
  • Producing hormones that control red blood cells production and keeping bones healthy (ہارمونز کی تیاری جو سرخ خون کے خلیوں کی تیاری کو کنٹرول کرتا ہے اور ہڈیوں کی صحت کو برقرار رکھتا ہے۔)

Apart from these functions, kidneys perform many other important functions that support the functions of the other organs. And the kidneys execute these functions properly when they are healthy. In the condition when the kidneys fall ill they can stop carrying out their functions as they should. Due to unhealthy kidneys, many health complications arise in the body. Some of the common complications in Urdu that arise in kidney diseases are as follow:  

  • Swelling in hands, feet or legs (ہاتھوں ، پیروں میں سوجن۔)
  • Blood in the urine (پیشاب میں خون)
  • Excess protein loss through urine  (پیشاب کے ذریعے زیادہ پروٹین کا نقصان)
  • Feeling no hungry  (بھوک نہیں لگ رہی ہے۔)
  • Weakness (کمزوری۔)
  • Nausea & Vomiting (متلی اور الٹی)
  • Fatigue (تھکاوٹ)

These are the symptoms that appear in the condition of any kind of kidney disease. So, when you get to notice any of the above-listed symptoms, you need to contact a kidney specialist doctor who can help you get rid of this health condition efficiently. 

What are kidney diseases? (گردے کی بیماریاں کیا ہیں؟)

Kidney disorders are innumerable and we are describing some of the major diseases related to kidneys. Here they are:

Polycystic kidney disease (پولی سسٹک گردوں کی بیماری۔)- It is a kind of inherited kidney disorder in which a large number of cysts get formed in the kidneys and damage the kidney tissues ultimately hence the condition can lead to kidney failure.       

Chronic kidney disease ( دائمی گردے بیماریوں) – It is a slow and progressive kidney disorder that gets worse with time. And finally, the condition can cause kidney failure.  

Acute kidney injury (گردے کی شدید چوٹ۔)- This is a kind of kidney disease in which kidneys stop working suddenly and it may lead to kidney failure.

Proteinuria (پروٹینوریا)- It is the condition in which a large amount of protein gets leaked through urine. The condition arises due to damage in the filtering unit in the kidneys.   

Hydronephrosis (ہائیڈروونفروسیس) – Hydronephrosis is the condition in which swelling appears in one or both the kidneys due to the accumulation of urine.  

Nephrotic Syndrome (نیفروٹک سنڈروم۔)- Nephrotic Syndrome is a health condition in which many health complications arise at a single time. The condition occurs due to any problem in the filtering unit of the kidneys.

All these health conditions may lead to kidney failure if left untreated. So, one should take the necessary kidney treatment in order to cure these health conditions so that to keep yourself free from the risks of kidney failure. As we all know kidney failure is a fatal health condition hence immediate treatment is required in order to keep patient alive.    

Factors responsible for kidney disorders  (گردے کی خرابی کی ذمہ دار عوامل۔)

There are numerous factors that are known to affect kidney adversely and can be responsible for kidney disorders. Some of the most common causes of kidney diseases in Urdu are listed below:  

  • Low blood flow to the kidneys  (گردوں میں خون کا بہاو کم ہونا۔)
  • Infection in the urinary tract (پیشاب کی نالی میں انفیکشن۔)
  • Diabetes (ذیابیطس۔)
  • High Blood Pressure (بلند فشار خون)
  • Dehydration  (پانی کی کمی)

These are the health conditions or factors that are the primary causes of kidney disorders; one should try to eliminate these conditions so that to stay away from the chances of kidney disorders. And when you are suffering from any kidney disorder, you will have to take the most promising kidney treatment in Urdu in order to get relieved from the kidney disorder. 

How kidney diseases can be detected? (گردے کی بیماریوں کا کیسے پتہ لگایا جاسکتا ہے؟)

In order to detect kidney disorders, a doctor may recommend a patient to take some health tests that are helpful in figuring out the diseases. Tests such as urine tests, blood tests, imaging tests, and biopsy are useful in detecting all sorts of kidney diseases.      

What should be the natural treatment for kidney disorders? (گردے کی خرابی کا قدرتی علاج کیا ہونا چاہئے؟)

In the condition of kidney disorders, allopathic practitioners offer allopathic medicines in order to get rid of the kidney disorders but Allopathy has a tendency of suppressing not curing diseases as it works on the upper symptoms of the disease. Consequently, the complications of the disease may arise after the treatment as well. Apart from that, Allopathic treatment has many side-effects on the body. Hence, you can say it is not a permanent solution for kidney disorders. 

On the other hand, Ayurveda is the most ancient kidney treatment system in Urdu that has the capacity to cure all sorts of kidney disorders using natural herbs and methods. As Ayurvedic medicines are composed of natural and unrefined herbs so do not leave any after-use side effects. Ayurveda works on the root causes of the disease and tries to eliminate them; as a result, the Ayurvedic kidney treatment is permanent. Ayurveda is the best answer to get kidney treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic kidney treatment in Urdu is the most promising treatment system that has found to be very effective in curing all kinds of kidney disorders.                                                      

What does Karma Ayurveda provide you with? (کرما آیوروید آپ کو کیا مہیا کرتا ہے؟)

Karma Ayurveda Hospital is the best kidney care center in Delhi that is engaged in offering best-in-class kidney treatment in Urdu using Ayurvedic treatment. Karma Ayurveda has attained expertise in curing all sorts of kidney disorders with the healing power of Ayurveda. This kidney care hospital in serving society dedicatedly since its inception. And Karma Ayurveda has cured a large number of kidney patients until now and the number is increasing at a rapid pace. Under the skilled leadership of Dr. Puneet Dhawan, Karma Ayurveda has set a benchmark in the healthcare sector and now counted among the well-known kidney care hospitals in Delhi, India. Karma offers its quality healthcare services not only in India but all across the globe as well. Ayurvedic kidney treatment is the most promising and best kidney treatment in Urdu.   

So, if you are looking for kidney treatment naturally then you can contact Karma Ayurveda Hospital.

Disclaimer:- The purpose of the content on this page is not to substitute any professional medical advice but to only provide information to the reader. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For appointments, call at our 24×7 helpline: +91-9871712050 or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com

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