Kidney Treatment Naturally

Without dialysis, revive damaged kidneys naturally!

The human kidneys!

Your kidneys are a pair of the organ that is responsible for several functions for your body such as removing toxic materials and excess fluids from the body; it aids in the production of red blood cells, promotes bone and muscle health, and form urine to eliminate wastes.

Every organ of your body depends on each other for proper functioning, like the heart pumps blood to other organs of your body. Your kidneys do the cleaning of blood, and waste materials have been eliminated through the process of urination. Kidney disease is the health condition, wherein your kidneys lose their ability to perform their functions naturally. Kidney disease turns into kidney failure if it is not timely treated. If you want kidney disease treatment naturally, then you have to opt for Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment.

The significance of understanding Kidney disease and treatment

Kidney disease is not a healthy situation for your kidneys. Many problems arise when your kidneys stop working like swelling in some parts of your body and many more. If kidney disease is not treated on time, then it can lead to kidney failure. This disorder can also damage other organs of your body; that’s why the treatment of this health condition is a must. There are six types of kidney diseases, and every disease has its signs and treatment. These types of kidney disease are as follows:

If you are facing any kidney disease that is mentioned above, then Ayurvedic treatment is the most reliable option of this health condition. Kidney treatment naturally is only possible with the help of Ayurveda.

Not to be missed – The Risk Factors!

People with high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure have a higher risk of developing kidney disease. Most of the kidney patients are suffering from high BP and high blood pressure. If you are suffering from these conditions, then routine check-up and diet control are very beneficial for your kidneys. Apart from high BP and diabetes the other causes of kidney disease are as follows:

Low blood flow to your kidneys
Trauma and accident that can injure your kidneys directly
Sending the abnormal amount of protein into your bloodstream
Shock due to a severe infection
Blockage in urine flow
Consumption of certain drugs and medicines that are used to treat other illness but can impair the functioning of your kidneys
Pregnancy complications such as eclampsia and pre-eclampsia

Kidney disease and its symptoms!

There are very few visible signs of kidney disease, and in some cases, no indications may occur at all. There are some cases in which individuals are unaware that they also have this disease. Some of the visible symptoms are as follows:

Feeling lazy all the time
Breathing problem
Feeling dizzy or weak
Trouble in concentrating
Dryness and itchiness in your skin
Upset stomach
Swelling in hands, feet or puffiness around your eyes due to fluid retention in your body
More frequent urination especially at night
Foamy urine
Change in color of your urine

If you find any of the symptoms that are mentioned above, then reach your doctor and consult them about your health condition. He may recommend you some test that can be helpful in the kidney disease treatment naturally.

The Diagnosis– A clear picture of your kidneys!

From the visible traits and other health conditions, your health provider tries to estimate the stage of kidney disease. From these assumptions, they recommend some test that gives a clear view of the state of your kidneys. Some of the tests are as follows:

• Blood test – This test determines the level of creatinine level and blood urea level in your blood. If creatinine and blood urea level increases in your blood, that means your kidneys are suffering from kidney disease, and there is an urgent need for kidney treatment naturally. Creatinine and urea are the waste materials that must be eliminated by your kidneys. If these wastes are not filtered out by your kidneys, then it can lead to other health problems as well.

• Urine test – Lab technician, may take a sample of your urine to check the presence of protein in your urine. Protein in your urine is normal, but when it rises from a healthy amount, then it can lead to kidney disease. kidney disease treatment naturally reduces the protein level in your urine.

• Kidney biopsy – In this test, a small piece of your kidney tissue is taken out with the use of a needle. This piece of kidney tissue is tested under a high-power microscope for the detection of kidney disease.

• Imaging test – Ultrasound or computed tomography (CT) scan is used to get a clear picture of your kidneys. This test will determine the enlargement of kidneys.

How is the kidney treated naturally?

Kidney disease treatment naturally depends upon the treatment of the causes of this disease. If blood pressure and diabetes are controlled through some dietary change, meditations, and Ayurvedic herbs, then you can revive the functionality of your kidneys naturally. Some of the healthy routine changes are as follows:

• Drink plenty of water – Water consumption is always a better option for the treatment of kidney disease. But always try to avoid soda because it is harmful to your kidneys.

• Drink cranberry juice – Cranberry juice is always to treat urinary tract infection or bladder infection. Some people add sugar in this juice, but adding sweeteners in cranberry juice is not beneficial for your kidneys.

• Avoid alcohol and coffee – Your kidneys filter waste materials from your kidneys, both alcohol, and coffee force your kidneys to overwork for your body.

• Take probiotics – Probiotics are sufficient enough to assist your kidneys in filtering waste materials from your blood.

• Get some vitamin C – Try to avoid vitamin C supplements. You can eat food rich in vitamin C because they help your body in protecting some kidney tissues.

• Try parsley juice – This juice is sufficient enough to increase the amount and frequency of urination. Parsley juice is beneficial in removing harmful bacteria from your body.

• Consume apples and apple juice – Apple is acidic and helps your kidneys to maintain the acid level. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial to heal severe infections.

• Avoid pain killers – If you have kidney pain and want to take medicines to lower down the kidney pain, then you must have to avoid those pain killers. Pain killers can lower down your pain but can harm your kidneys.

• Apply heat – you can use heat therapy to reduce pain or kidney pain.

• Using Ayurvedic herbs – Ayurvedic herbs are strong enough to tackle any disease and remove their root causes. In contrast, allopathy treatment has no permanent cure for renal disease, as, with this treatment, you can treat illness for a temporary period.

Ayurveda is considered as one of the best healing systems for treating illness. Many chronic disease patients have been cured of this treatment, and it has been practiced in India from more than 5000 years ago. Many scholars suggest Ayurvedic treatment for kidney dysfunction as the mother of all healing due to its miraculous remedial characteristics.