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Myths vs. Facts about Coronavirus

As soon as the World Health Organisation and the Chinese authorities announced the outbreak of the global pandemic Coronavirus, the world came into a state of panic, and the houses were flooded by numerous myths and facts. In the era of social media, it is easier for people to reach with different information. Thanking the social media university, the world is bringing various ideas to combat COVID-19 one after another. In today’s era, the easier it has become to reach people, the more problems have increased. Everybody has become an Ayurvedacharya with the forwarding of several home remedies. Recently, we read that as Giloy is a natural healer, it will heal the problem of coronavirus too. But no, it is not true. Believing in such myths may disrupt the functioning of life. You should not consume anything without the consent of your doctor, physician, or any healthcare provider, especially in the cases of Ayurvedic medicines. Giloy’s water indeed is beneficial water that manages the three energies of our body Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. But that doesn’t mean it is good for your body type. Everybody shares different dominant energy and the consumption of any herbal medicine should be done after taking an Ayurvedacharya in confidence.

So, let us proceed with bursting the myths about the coronavirus. Myths are the rumors that people spread either to create panic or derive benefits. Both the factors are not in favor of anyone, panicking has its side effects from stress and anxieties to complete depression. Rumors have their own side effects, like adverse effects on health. Observing such frequent scenarios and forwarded messages regularly on social media, the team of Karma Ayurveda Hospital decided to clear the dust about the coronavirus.

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Myth 1: Spraying alcohol and chlorine can prevent the invasion of COVID-19

Fact: Spraying either alcohol or chlorine directly on the body can harm the skin. It will make the skin dry and may lead to a serious skin issue. If it enters your eyes then you may have to face vision disability. Alcohol is known for drying the skin and promoting dehydration which may increase the creatinine levels too. The chemicals used in chlorine have distinct classifications that are not favorable for the skin either. Spraying or applying these liquids cannot kill the virus residing in your body.

Myth 2: Only elderly people and infants are at the risks of having Coronavirus

Fact: Yet another lie that people have convinced themselves with maybe just to step out in open. A novel coronavirus is a group of viruses similar to SARS that can affect people of any age and gender. People having weaker immunity are at the highest risk of getting in contact with the adverse of coronavirus. Health conditions like heart diseases and kidney failure or even diabetes put lives on the edge in such pandemic conditions.

Myth 3: The effects of Coronavirus is just like a common flu

Fact: The group of symptoms creates an illness that may have similar symptoms of flu with aches, fever, and cough. The symptoms can be mild and fatal depending on the immune power of the affected. As for now, the mortality rate of COVID-19 is low with a maximum of 3%. The researchers and scientists are on it to find the solution and the exact mortality rate of this epidemic pathology.

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Myth 5: A person suffering from COBID-19 will die eventually

Fact: Probably the biggest lie related to novel coronavirus is that people once got affected will die. As said earlier, the mortality rate is 3% which doesn’t show that the disease is fatal. It can be fatal only with selective people. People with certain serious medical conditions and the ones with lower immune power share the risk of lethality. In a report released by the WHO, 80% of people share the mild effects of coronavirus and don’t need treatment from specialists at hospitals. But that doesn’t mean anyone can treat you or become an internet doctor.

Myth 6: Pet animals spread the novel coronavirus

Fact: It is a myth that wrecks our hearts. People have abandoned their pets (cats, dogs, and cows) after reading a forwarded message that circulated initially at the time of the outbreak. It makes us believe the term irrelevancy to the coronavirus’ transmission from animals to humans. To date, the information provided by the authorities states that it was a bat that had the coronavirus in the seafood market of Wuhan, China. It transmitted like a food chain to humans and ever since the market has been shut down. To prove this theory, a professor at the University of Nottingham (UK)., Mr. Jonathan Ball said that “We have to differentiate between real infection and just detecting the presence of the virus. I still think it’s questionable how relevant it is to the human outbreak, as most of the global outbreak has been driven by human-to-human transmission.”

Myth 7: FedEx delivery from China can spread coronavirus

Fact: It is one of the absurd things that people have spread about coronavirus. The parcels coming from china don’t spread the virus. This group of viruses cannot lie on the surface for a longer period. Though, it still needs to be sanitized before receiving and delivering. For this, you can refer to our reading related to the precautions for coronavirus.

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Myth 8: Home remedies potentially treat the problems of coronavirus

Fact: Another potential lie that people believe and start practicing. There is no home remedy or medicine found to date that can cure the effects of coronavirus. The guidelines were issued by the Ministry of AYUSH to boost the immunity power that people have mistakenly taken as the treatment for coronavirus. Herbs and spices like Garlic, silver colloid, essential oils and vitamin C-rich food products are used by people to combat the problem of coronavirus, which is not potent enough to treat the health crisis.

Myth 9: High temperature will kill the novel coronavirus

Fact: Another comforting lie that people keep telling each other now and then. However, it is true that the virus spread easily in the winters or cold weather but that never meant it will be killed during summers or hot temperatures.

Myth 10: Drinking alcohol can kill the virus or may reduce the risk of infection

Fact: It is equally funny and a stupid fact that liquor lovers have said jokingly but later became a false fact for people. There are no shreds of evidence that can prevent or cure the effect of coronavirus. Drinking alcohol in excess can harm your kidneys and heart health in numerous ways. It will promote dehydration, the formation of kidney stones, and the risks of skin diseases.

So, this was all about the Myths vs. Facts related to coronavirus. In the bottom line, the prevention of coronavirus is possible but there is no defined or proven cure for the deadly coronavirus. A number of rumors are being spread that misleads people extensively. People are drinking bleach, chlorine, and alcohol which is affecting their body in drastic ways.


Disclaimer: The information provided above is for your suggestion only. The resources used while writing the content were the official website of WHO and various news channels. Consider re-verifying the facts when in doubt or otherwise. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For appointments, call at our 24×7 helpline: +91-9871712050 or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com

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