Karma Ayurveda Hospital Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Karma Ayurveda takes all the due consideration and precautionary measure which is sensibly predicted and attempted in ordinary conditions and is focused on defending the security of its “Client/Visitor”.

In typical course the following information/details are asked from the “Client/Visitor”:

  • Personal Information
  • Address and Contact Details
  • Previous Medical History
  • Present Ailments, Diseases and Problems
  • Transaction Details

All the previously mentioned data is immediate, deliberately and genuinely given by the “Client/Visitor” as it were.

The previously mentioned points of interest are utilized for upgrades, support and legitimate upkeep of records which additionally empowers normal subsequent meet-ups and criticism and expands our capability and “Client/Visitor” fulfillment separately.

The previously mentioned points of interest are prepared a common with the ancillaries and auxiliaries of Karma Ayurveda Hospital, its Associates, its Consultants, its Vendors and Third Parties including the Government and the Law Enforcement Agency and additionally Machinery as and when justified and required for the shared advantages of our own and the “Client/Visitor” individually.

Karma Ayurveda takes all the due consideration and insurance which is/are sensibly anticipated and attempted in typical conditions and is resolved to protect the security of its “Client/Visitor”, having said that and mulling over the advancement and the abuse of the web space the conceivable outcomes of unapproved access and information spill can’t be totally precluded.

Change to the Terms and Conditions of Use

We reserve the right to make changes and to revise the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions of use.