Proteinuria Ayurvedic Treatment

How has Ayurvedic treatment emerged as the best proteinuria treatment?

In our body, many types of protein exist. The reason is, protein is an essential element required by our body. Generally, we get protein from the diet we intake. Proteins work as the building blocks in the body and responsible for tissue generation as well as their repairing.

Most of the organs such as skin, hair, nails, and muscles are built of proteins. For their healthy state, the right amount of proteins is required. Apart from, many hormones are also some forms of protein. Several body systems require proteins for their proper functioning. Even in our blood, an essential form of protein is found, which is known as ‘Albumin.’ So, you can understand how important albumin is for the human body. There is a health condition in which this protein (albumin) starts leaking more than a normal level into the urine. This condition can be cured with Ayurvedic proteinuria treatment efficiently. Before that, let’s take a deep insight into the albumin and its leakage into the urine.

The normal albumin levels found in the urine is less or equal to 7 milligrams per liter. This level can increase when the kidneys do not work at their level best. Kidneys are the kind of organs that perform the task of blood filtration that also includes the removal of toxins and hold the necessary substances. Kidneys perform these tasks with the help of their filters that are known as Glomeruli.

Any damage to these kidney filters can make it incapable of holding the necessary amount, and hence the protein escapes from these filters. As a result, a patient having extra protein leakage will experience foamy urine more than normal.

In some cases, a person may experience foamy urine due to strenuous workout, high fever, emotional stress, cold exposure, and many other conditions. The condition is temporary, and as the above-mentioned causes are cured, the protein leakage in the urine gets stopped. Hence, a temporary form of proteinuria doesn’t require any treatment.

If it comes to treating foamy urine condition, proteinuria ayurvedic treatment can be the most efficient treatment.

What can cause an excess protein to leak in the urine?

Any damage to these kidney filters can make it incapable of holding the necessary amount, and hence the protein escapes from these filters. As a result, a patient may notice the deficiency of albumin in the body, due to which he may experience many symptoms in the body.

Diabetes and high blood pressure, if go for prolonged, can damage the filters of the kidneys. Apart from these causes, many other conditions can be responsible for extra leakage of protein in the blood.

Ways to make out proteinuria

In the process of its diagnosis, laboratory testing can be helpful. The laboratory tests best suitable in identifying the protein level in the urine is Urinalysis or urine tests.

As the name indicates, this test uses urine samples of a patient collected within 24 hours. With the help of this test, a doctor can detect if a patient has abnormal protein in his urine. This test also measures different chemicals and substances in your urine. It is a kind of routine test that is carried out to monitor kidney disease. Besides, blood tests can also be taken for the diagnosis of proteinuria.

Due to excess protein leakage, the amount of albumin in the blood also reduces. In this condition, the blood sample testing can help in detecting the level of substances found in the blood; albumin is one of them.

Classification of proteinuria

Proteinuria is primarily known as the sign of any chronic kidney disease, and it can also be kept in the category of a health condition. Based on their nature, the proteinuria is classified into three main types. Those categories are.

  • Transient proteinuria- It is the most common form of proteinuria that develops due to stress, fever, and intense workout. When the patient gets relieved from the above- mentioned condition, his proteinuria disappears automatically.
  • Persistent proteinuria- It is the severe type of proteinuria in which an extreme amount of protein is seen in the urine. This condition generally occurs due to any damage in the filters of the kidneys.
  • Orthostatic proteinuria- It is a unique form of proteinuria in which a person notices proteinuria, especially in a standing position, but doesn’t notice protein in urine during the night of laying down condition.

Treatment of Proteinuria

Protein in the urine is not only a consequence of CKD, but it can also make kidney diseases worse. The condition can further lead to kidney damage, which will increase the protein level in the urine. Whenever you get a transient type of proteinuria, Ayurvedic treatment can be the best treatment.

Ayurveda is a holistic treatment method that has been in existence for thousands of years ago. This natural treatment system has a deep belief that every human body is unique and hence requires customized treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria consists of natural herbs, some treatment therapies, and a few lifestyle modifications. As a result, it is a complete treatment for proteinuria and helps a patient in getting relieved from its complications efficiently. Along with that, this natural treatment holds the potential of reviving the health of the kidneys naturally. As a result, Proteinuria treatment in Ayurveda is a complete treatment solution that not only makes a patient complications free by curing the root but also makes kidneys as healthy as a normal person. Change your life by choosing Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria.