Proteinuria Ayurvedic Treatment

Everything you need to know about Proteinuria and its Ayurvedic treatment!

Often heard by medical practitioners that kidneys are vital organs of a human body playing versatile roles, these are as important as taking breathe every day. If they do not perform their functioning properly then the human body can get caught by thousands of diseases. One such disease is the leakage of protein in urine or Proteinuria.

Our kidneys are linked with several health conditions. Proteinuria is one of that health situation in which protein start getting excreted from the body with urine.

There are multiple health-damaging conditions are associated with Proteinuria, losing protein from the body can give access to severe health-harming diseases.

And which is why Karma Ayurveda hospital is providing the best Ayurvedic treatment for Proteinuria in Delhi. Here, you can get rid of the entire kidney and related diseases naturally.

What is Proteinuria?

Proteinuria is a loss of proteins in the human body through urine. This situation occurs when kidneys are damaged or become unable to filter wastes and toxins from the body. Instead, kidneys release even the essential nutrients along with wastes and toxins.

Why do our bodies need protein?

Some necessities are acquired by the human body for the proper functioning, and protein is necessarily required for the following:

Formation of cells that help in keeping the RBCs stronger.
To boost immunity power.
To boost the energy levels.
Formation of muscles and tissues.
Smooth flow of blood from kidneys to heart and then to other organs of the human body.

So, if the body starts to lose protein all of a sudden, how would the body be reacting?

How anyone can know if the body is losing Protein?

If kidneys are damaged or are struck by any ailment, they will react by sending the human body various signals. From the following information you can know that your body is losing too much protein from the body:

Foamy or bubbly pee.
Swelling in the hands, feet, mid-region or face.
Weight increase because of liquid maintenance.
Diminished hunger.
Swelling in feet and hands.
Puffy eyes.
Increased or decreased output of urine.
The pale color of the urine.
Blood in the urine.
A sudden change of diet.
Weakness in the body.
Muscle cramps.

Since the kidneys are unable to perform their functioning properly it becomes important to know the causes so that precautions and preventions can be done on time.

What are the helpful tests to diagnose Protein in urine?

Just after diagnosing the symptoms of Proteinuria, prepare yourself for a few tests

One time sample:

In this situation, a container filled with urine is taken to know the amount of protein your body is losing. It collects the pee that you release at once.

24 hours urine sample:

In this test, the total amount of urine released in 24 hours is taken as a sample to know the exact percentage of protein that your body is losing in a day.

How Proteinuria is classified?

After symptoms and diagnosis, your Nephrologist will tell you about the classifications present in Proteinuria:

• Transient: It is a temporary type of Proteinuria that is just for a shorter period and can be cured within a short time. This condition generally occurs mostly in pregnant women and can be cured with mild changes or changes asked by your nephrologist.
• Orthostatic: This is the condition where leakage of protein can be seen in a specific time of day and night or the leakage of protein can be because of sitting or lying in a particular position. This indicates that there is a presence of renal disease.
• Persistent: This is the situation where the disorder has become serious and damaging kidneys in versatile ways. This type of Proteinuria needs proper care and treatment. This may indicate the condition of kidney failure.

All the aforesaid classifications are curable with Ayurvedic Treatment for Proteinuria.

How is Ayurvedic Treatment Beneficial?

Ayurvedic medicine for Proteinuria treatment by Karma Ayurveda Hospital not just relieves the above-mentioned symptoms but also helps in the elimination of root causes leading to the conditions of Proteinuria.

At Karma Ayurveda Hospital, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is providing kidney patients Ayurvedic treatments that work as a permanent solution and relives the patient from all the complications lastingly.