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Is proteinuria natural treatment possible with Ayurveda?

Proteinuria natural treatment
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Proteinuria is that health condition in which the urine starts looking foamy or cloudy. This change depicts that urine has a high level of protein which is known as albumin. Almost every kidney patient face the situation of proteinuria but get failed to find the right treatment of it. Some patients need to choose artificial procedures for the treatment of proteinuria. Here we are going to discuss that is proteinuria natural treatment possible or not. We will also discuss some major aspects that are found to associate with proteinuria.proteinuria ayurvedic treatment

What causes the situation of proteinuria to occur?

Two healthy kidneys inside our body, work as the purifiers which eliminate the waste, toxins, and excess fluid from the blood. Kidneys also work for the preservation of necessary compounds such as protein (albumin). But at the stage of kidney disease, damaged kidneys are not able to perform its functions which cause the albumin to excrete out from the body with urine. Every factor or health situation which damages the kidneys is work as the cause for proteinuria.Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria

This situation can be a sign of nephrotic syndrome or kidney disease. Let’s discuss the risk factors which can let anyone face this condition:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • The family history of kidney disease

All the above-mentioned factors or health conditions increase the risk of proteinuria for a person. By getting proteinuria natural treatment one can stay away from such causes. Those who are now thinking that what is the need to get treatment for proteinuria, should be aware of the functions of albumin which are as follow:

  • Albumin is a protein which helps in the maintenance of intravascular colloid osmotic pressure, transport therapeutic agents and neutralizes toxins.
  • It transports substances like fatty acids, metals, ions, bilirubin, hormones, and exogenous drugs.

Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria work to cure the damaged kidneys so that this excretion of albumin can get stop and our kidneys will keep on performing the above-mentioned functions. This is the only treatment which doesn’t ask the patient to go for any artificial approaches such as dialysis or a kidney transplant. Patients who have diabetes and high blood pressure are needed to take proper treatment to save their kidneys from damage.

Proteinuria ayurvedic treatment- An ideal solution

This is working as a proteinuria natural treatment that cures damaged kidneys without leaving any side effects on the patient’s body and without asking the patient to move towards artificial approaches such as transplant or dialysis.

Karma Ayurveda which is working as the leading kidney care hospital is serving the patients with proteinuria ayurvedic treatment since 1937. This is the right efforts of this kidney care center because of which many people had said goodbye to many kidney related disorders.

There are more than 35000 kidney patients who are now enjoying a healthy life after getting kidney disease treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda. Those who are looking for a natural solution of proteinuria are advised to meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda besides moving towards artificial or modern approaches of kidney disease treatment, as these treatments are found to link with many risk factors on its own.

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