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Created at May 21, 2018

[Total: 1    Average: 5/5]  7 May 2018 Kidney disease and creatinine Kidneys are a pair of regulatory organs located on either side of the back. Their main function is to act as a filter system that removes waste products and excess fluid from the body. The high blood pressure and diabetes is the […]

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Created at May 18, 2018

[Total: 1    Average: 5/5]  Kidney problems refer to renal failure which can be either acute or chronic in nature. If this failure occurs, it means that the kidney no longer has sufficient function. In the acute form, kidney function is rapidly lost. On the other hand, in chronic kidney disease, the issue may […]

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Karma Ayurveda Review – Patient: Shyam S...

Created at May 16, 2018

[Total: 1    Average: 5/5]   What is kidney disease? Kidney disease occurs when one suffers from steady and usually eternal loss of kidney function over time. This happens slowly; usually, take over years to turn to kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease mainly occurs in five stages, increasing with the severity. A loss of kidney function […]

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