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What Helps to Dissolve Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones or Calculus are mainly depositing sodium, calcium, potassium, and other minerals that get crystallized and gathered in the kidneys. They can get formed in ureters, kidneys, bladders, or urethra.

They are caused by a build-up of dissolved minerals and sometimes when there is an excess of certain wastes and inadequate fluid in your blood. They stick together in your kidneys and form clumps.

To dissolve kidney stones and get rid of them naturally, you are required to follow a few home remedies. There are several natural methods to remove stones, but many of them are mere myths. According to Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones.

The first and important measure is to drink plenty of water –

Dehydration is the root cause of kidney stone formation. Therefore, if you drink an ample amount of water, these stones might get dissolved and get passed in the urine. A healthy individual should at least drink 3-4 liters that are 8-12 glasses of water in a day. It keeps you dehydrated and reduces the possibility of kidney stone formation.

A very simple and effective remedy to dissolve kidney stones is lemon juice.

Add a fresh-squeezed lemon juice in the water and drink it several times. Lemons are rich in citrate, an anti-oxidant chemical that has the potential to remove kidney stones by breaking them down, especially calcium stones. Lemons can bring many other good effects on your health. Also, a glass of lemon juice in the morning reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Another remedy is apple cider vinegar.

It helps to dissolve kidney stones, as it contains acetic acid. Acetic acid helps in dissolving kidney stones and also helps in reducing kidney stone pain. In a glass of water, add 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and drink this mixture throughout the day. This mixture will give you multiple health benefits, including kidney stone removal. But if you have diabetes, do not adopt this solution without a doctor’s advice.

Next, is basil juice, better known as ‘Tulsi.’

It is a remedy for many problems like low blood pressure, low blood sugar, or increased bleeding. Its properties help to dilute kidney stones into small pieces and eventually remove them from the body along with the urine.

Another very effective remedy is celery juice.

Celery Juice can help to dissolve even dried solid crystals and remove them. Boil and blend one or two celery seeds in water and consume the prepared mixture frequently. But avoid this juice if you are a low blood pressure patient or suffering from any bleeding disorder.

One more natural method to remove kidney stones is dandelion root juice.

It is one of the best tonics for kidney problems that stimulates the production of bile, which helps in eliminating the wastes from the body. It increases the urine output and improves your digestion process. Drinking 3 to 4 cups of this juice in a day can surely remove these deposits or clumps from your kidneys. But do not take more than that, and you should strictly avoid this remedy if you are taking any antibiotics or blood thinner medicines.

Dietary Modifications.

You should certainly avoid a few items in your diet if you are dealing with kidney stone problem. You should avoid high potassium and high sodium food items if you are a kidney patient. If not taken immediate dietary changes, the size of these stones may get increased. In this case, it would get hard to remove these stones, and it might cause frequent pain.

Allopathic doctors in such a situation do not have any other option but surgery. No effective medicines have been developed so far, which guarantee the removal of kidney stone. Whereas Ayurveda, in recent times, it proved to be the best treatment for kidney stones that helps to dissolve kidney stones from the body. Most of these home remedies are developed from the traditions of Ayurvedic science. Few natural herbs can cure kidney stone problems even in grievous conditions.

Disclaimer:- The purpose of the content on this page is not to substitute any professional medical advice but to only provide information to the reader. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For appointments, call at our 24×7 helpline: +91-9871712050 or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com

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