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Why is Ayurveda best for Kidney Diseases?

With a constant increase in the number of kidney patients, there are many different treatment methods offered to cure the kidney disease. Seeing a number of treatment methods to choose from, there is a chance of choosing the wrong one. And this leads to bad health conditions and many unexpected side effects. Stop kidney dialysis by Dr Puneet is an effective treatment by doctor, where he does not include any artificial process to work and cure the problem of kidneys naturally.

The work performed by kidneys is one of the most essential work for the body. Which includes removing the waste materials and extra fluids from the blood and body. In whole the kidneys are a detoxing plant for the body, cleaning the waste all day long. Yes, our kidneys work more than we can imagine, but do they always remain the same?

No! An Unbalanced diet and disturbed lifestyle can affect the normal working of your kidneys. When an individual regularly consumes a diet rich in sodium and sugar, and does less physical activities. They add toxins to the body, creating pressure on the kidneys. In such a condition kidneys working is impaired and it may lead to any serious kidney disease or even a sudden kidney failure.

What are the symptoms of kidney impairments?

Kidney disease is not like an infection that may build in one day or one week. It is a long term disease that gradually affects the functioning of the kidneys. While keeping a check on the symptoms you can easily diagnose the problem of kidneys, and give them the cure needed. Some of the early symptoms could be listed as-

  1. Feeling of constant nausea.
  2. Fatigue and feeling tired all day long.
  3. Changes in diet, and loss of appetite.
  4. Problem with sleeping at night.
  5. Noticing blood while urinating.
  6. Mild fever.
  7. Pain or burning sensation in passing urine.
  8. Pain and swelling in the abdomen area.
  9. Problem of edema, with swelling in ankles and feet.
  10. Itching and redness in stomach and back area.
  11. Detection of type 2 diabetes.
  12. Problem of hypertension or high blood pressure.

These symptoms work as a reminder that you should get a regular checkup for the whole body, especially the working of the kidneys. Once you get the functioning test of kidneys done, opt for the best stop kidney dialysis by dr Puneet to ensure no side effects on the body.

What are the Treatment methods for kidney disease?

With a increase in the number of treatment options you get all types of methods to choose from-

  1. Dialysis of the kidneys-
    Dialysis is the artificial process that is used when there is any damage in the kidneys. Our kidneys perform all the functions of detoxing and cleansing the body, and when these kidneys are damaged, an artificial process named as dialysis works in cleaning the waste from the body. However dialysis cannot work as efficiently as the kidneys, but it is an immediate alternative for the body. There are many side effects noticed on the patient, who went on dialysis for a long time.
  2. Kidney transplant-
    This is another method kidney patients get while they are looking for the treatment. Kidney transplant is not an easy process, you have to go through certain stages to ensure a kidney transplant. First the body of the patient must be fit for an operation such as transplant. Second, it is not easy to get a donor. Many times you can by chance get a sober but the medical requirements are not matched. For a transplant, there is no guarantee that a donor would be available. Many patients wait for 10 to 20 years for a kidney transplant, sadly depriving the right treatment. Another complication of a kidney transplant is that it is a costly process which does not ensure full guarantee that the person would be cured. A kidney transplantation is a risky process with many side effects to the body.
  3. Homeopathic-
    Homeopathy is a treatment that depends on whether it suits a patient or not. Though it does not have any side effects on the patient, but the treatment can take years and sometimes worsen the situation of the patient.
  4. Ayurveda-
    Ayurveda has the most ancient science of treating patients with their natural herbs and plants. They do not have any side effects on the body, and the ayurvedic treatment is customized for each patient, to ensure best results and cure. Ayurveda does not use processes such as dialysis and transplant which are not a cure to the kidneys, but just an artificial process or alternative.

Ayurveda works on treating and curing the working of the kidneys. Once the patient starts taking an ayurvedic treatment their kidney starts to function like normal again. And the damage is cured from the core, that too without any artificial process of dialysis. Doctor Puneet says, to stop kidney dialysis and opt for a cure that can help in restoring the damage of the organ, not just numb the symptoms.

What is the Importance of stopping kidney dialysis?

Stop kidney dialysis by dr. Puneet, has worked on many patients both on dialysis and not on dialysis and the success rate of every patient is 100% ( percent ). There are many reasons why to give up on dialysis-

  1. Goal of dialysis is to help in relaxing the symptoms of kidney patients.
  2. To prevent any further complications.
  3. And to delay kidney failure in the patient.
  4. They do not cure the patient and their condition rather can work as an alternative method to help the treatment process.
  5. Dialysis is a costly and painful process.
  6. The process does not only include giving a dialysis to the patients, but also heavy medication that affects more on kidneys.
  7. It is not a cure but just an alternative.

These are some of the reasons to start the initiative of Stop kidney dialysis by dr. Puneet. He wants a risk free healthy treatment for all, and make our country free from kidney diseases.

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