Yoga for Kidney Problems and Creatinine

Yoga is the sacred initiation of meeting the equilibrium of physical, mental, and spiritual aura of the human anatomy. In a few native lands, it is like a union with God or a union of self and the infinite spirit. It is a spiritual discipline that enables all the healthy functions of the inner and outer self. Yoga is a practice that helps in abstaining from activities that can cause an imbalance in the body. Yoga provides a sense of relaxation to the inner body by few bodily postures that stimulate the organs of the body and keep them active.

Today we have evolved with a change in our habits and we are doing it consciously in some way. An unhealthy lifestyle is a major reason behind this imbalance that attacks two major organs of the human body; Heart and kidney. Kidneys are the natural strainers that transfer the filtered blood to the heart. It is a heart’s role to transport the filtered blood to the human body through bloodstreams. If the kidneys stop perform this functioning, the effect can be seen on the entire body.

Kidneys not only filter the blood but also support the functioning of other organs as well, such as the liver, pancreas, spleen, bowel, and the urinary system. Kidneys are the roots of the urinary system that produce urine and then transfer the urine to the bladder that eventually releases through the urethra from the body. We should thank our Yoga gurus for providing guidelines to perform yoga postures for kidney problems.

Yoga for kidney problems is not a difficult process to follow. Yoga for kidney problems is just like practicing exercising that includes bending, stretching, and breathing exercises. It stops the progression of kidneys diseases like the problem of high creatinine, kidney infection | kidney stones, and it may also help the people who are on dialysis. Few yoga postures are emerging as a boon for kidney patients.

How to reduce creatinine with the help of yoga?

As the human body perform metabolic activities, the breakdown product of protein-type creatine releases in the blood, which we call creatinine. The elevated levels of creatinine in blood and urine are the indicators of unhealthy kidneys. The accumulation of creatinine in blood starts to appear because of the damaged Glomerulus. Practicing a few yoga asanas can help in dropping the levels of creatinine in the blood and urine.

Yoga asana to reduce creatinine are:

  • Lord of the fishes pose
  • Wind relieving pose
  • Child pose
  • Boat pose

The yoga instructors at Karma Ayurveda Hospital help kidney patients in revitalizing the lost functioning of kidneys effectively. Ayurveda has been revitalizing the functioning of kidneys that were taking the support of the kidney dialysis, but yoga has pulled them out from this protocol forever.

How to heal the problem of kidney infection with the help of yoga?

Kidney infection is a bacterial infection that spreads because of the contraction of foreign bacteria naming E.Coli. It is a bacterium that is naturally present in the human body, but when this bacterium enters the walls of the urinary tract or anus, it starts building up space for itself in the urinary system that eventually shows its progression and reaches kidneys. Though kidney infection can occur because of the kidney problems like kidney stones and kidney cysts but the chances are rare.

The similarities of this progression are not rare and affect the functioning of kidneys equally. Yoga for kidney infection can help in getting rid of this kidney problem. You will need the guidance of yoga instructors of Karma Ayurveda hospital to eradicate this infection permanently. Yoga for kidney infection stimulates the blood vessels and kidneys that help in functioning better and bringing back to normal functioning.

Yoga Asana for kidney infection:

  • Intense dorsal stretch
  • Head to knee pose
  • Rabbit pose
  • Bow pose
  • Butterfly pose

Yoga is a combination of science and spirituality that enables the functioning of the inner body that we do not get time to pamper it enough. It is a best practice or a best natural practice that helps in abstaining from various diseases and kidney problems.